How We Work

School-Based Programs

Under the RWJBH - one system, one family CSH School Services has provided quality, cost-effective related services for school districts and private schools since 1986.

Therapists provide occupational, physical and speech therapy services for school districts and private educational facilities in eight counties. Our therapists our licensed and school certified in the state of New Jersey, and many hold additional relevant specialty certifications, such as Sensory Integration Practice Test (SIPT) certification, Pediatric certification, and others. School-based therapy services include evaluations, direct interventions, consultative services, participation in IEP development and collaboration with educators for effective program development. Therapists are trained to address important educational concerns related to Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS), Universal Design for Living (UDL) and Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS).

Workshops & Seminars

CSH School Services provides a variety of educational experiences for parents, educators, child study team personnel, school administrators, children and other health care professionals.

We will tailor workshops and seminars to your needs, and can provide training in areas relevant to educators, students and parents. Our workshop coordinator will be happy to plan a program that will meet your needs.

Life-long learning for caregivers and teachers is integral in ensuring consistency in the child's life to promote the best possible outcome and highest level of independence. This enables children to have the greatest success in school and in life.

Any of the seminars or workshops that School Therapy presents can be tailored to meet individual time and audience requirements. Many of our seminars and workshops include "goody bags" containing samples and handouts packed with information and activity ideas that can be immediately put to use.

If you do not see a topic that you are interested in on our list, just ask. We are constantly adding new topics to keep up with changing demands and current research.

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Workshops and Seminars We Provide

  • Sensory Processing in Education (techniques and strategies)
  • Identifying the Student with Sensory Processing Dysfunction
  • Sensory Processing in Early Childhood
  • The Relevance of Sensory Processing in Schools
  • Facilitating Motor Development in the Young Child
  • Handwriting Development: From Lines to Letters (Pre School to age 6)
  • Handwriting Development: From Scribbles to Script (School Age)
  • Handwriting/Fine Motor Development using Handwriting Programs
  • Looking through the Eyes of a Child w/Sensory Processing Dysfunction
  • Educational Approach to OT, Activities in the Classroom
  • How to Jumpstart Your Child Developmentally Through Games and Strategies
  • Medical vs. Educational Service Delivery Models (OT/PT in Schools)
  • Using An Integrated Model for Therapy in the Classroom
  • ADD and ADHD OT/PT Intervention
  • I.D.E.A. Innovative Discipline, Exemplary Attitudes
  • How to Teach Gross Motor Skills to a Child
  • Paraprofessionals Working with Children with Special Needs
  • Constructing Safe Playgrounds
  • Fitness Approaches for Obese, Stationary and At-Risk Students
  • Fitness Approaches for Children with Disabilities
  • Get Up and Go: Gross Motor Ages and Stages
  • Fun Holiday Gift Ideas That Develop Your Child's Skills

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Patient Stories

  • “You can’t overlook how amazing the CSH staff is, from the doctors, to therapists, nurses, social workers, security officers, patient experience – the list goes on. They do everything to help your child succeed. It truly takes a village and I’m forever ...

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  • “Life would be complete chaos without CSH,” said Monica. “My brother has made so much progress through coming here over the years, now my sons, and even my niece is receiving services. CSH is a part of our family.”

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Patient Stories

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