Aug 2, 2023 Prostate Cancer Health and Robotic Surgery (Chinese & English)

This Prostate Cancer webinar is hosted in both English and Chinese. Prostate Cancer prevention and treatment, the history of laparoscopic and robotic surgery, and its evolution and current applications. 

Featuring Sammy Elsamra, MD and Karen W. R. Lin, MD, MS.

前列腺癌的預防與治療 腹腔鏡和機器人手術的演變和當前應用 華人醫療服務部泌尿科專業講座十分精彩,不僅為大家講解了前列腺癌的防治與治療,還介紹了腹腔鏡和機器人手術在泌尿科方面的演變和應用。