May 2022: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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Mental Health Awareness Month has been recognized in the U.S. each May since 1949. This year’s theme is
“Back to Basics.”

Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people are talking about mental health and starting to see it for what it is - an important component of your overall health and well-being, just like your physical health. About half of people in the U.S. will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life, so we should all know what to look out for and practice good self-care.

Get Back to Basics with One Source EAP during our Lunchtime Seminar Series at 12:00 Noon each Tuesday and Thursday from May 3 - 26 as follows:

Tuesday, May 3rd - Yoga for Wellness

Thursday, May 5th - Guided Visualization

Tuesday, May 10th - Ergonomics & Proper Body Movement

Thursday, May 12th - Instant Relaxation Techniques

Tuesday, May 17th - Concentration Meditation

Thursday, May 19th - Affirmation & Resilience

Tuesday, May 24th - Mastering the Mindful Meal

Thursday, May 26th - Yoga for Wellness

Visit our website for information and additional resources.

Knowing when to reach out

There are times when self-care is not enough. Knowing when it is time to talk to someone can be difficult. Ask yourself about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to see if they are part of a pattern that a mental health condition may cause. Here are some questions to get you started:

· Have things that used to feel easy started feeling difficult?

· Does the idea of doing daily tasks like making your bed now feel really, really hard?

· Have you lost interest in activities and hobbies you used to enjoy?

· Do you feel irritated, possibly to the point of lashing out at people you care about?

Knowing where to turn is easy. You can always call One Source EAP to take advantage of your confidential six-session benefit at 1 (800) 300-0628. The Access Center is open 24/7/365.

Self-Care with Daily Affirmations

Good self-care includes positive self-talk - your internal dialogue, both negative and positive. Positive self-talk can lead to optimism and effective stress management, which can provide health benefits, such as better cardiovascular health, an improved immune system and reduced pain. Read more about the benefits of positive self-talk here. Practice positive self-talk with daily affirmations, phrases you can say every day, either aloud or in your head, to build yourself up - especially in the midst of stressful situations. Find Daily Affirmations on our website and start practicing today!