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Advanced Treatment for Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is one of the most rapidly growing cancers in the United States. Primary liver cancer begins in the liver. Metastatic liver cancer starts somewhere else in the body and metastasizes (spreads) to the liver. The liver is a common place where cancer spreads. Its large size and high blood flow make it a prime target for tumor cells moving through the bloodstream.

The main types of primary liver cancer include:

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma: This is the most common liver cancer, and is also called hepatoma. About four out of every five primary liver cancers are of this type, which starts in the main liver cells called hepatocytes.
  • Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: About 10 to 20 percent of all liver cancers are cholangiocarcinomas, which originate in the bile ducts. These are small tubes where bile leaves the liver and goes into the gallbladder and intestines during digestion. This type of cancer can also start in the bile ducts outside the liver.

Hepatoblastoma: This is a rare liver cancer often found in children.

  • Angiosarcoma: This is another uncommon form of liver cancer that begins in blood vessels inside the liver.

Several types of noncancerous (benign) tumors can also form in the liver. These include hemangiomas, hepatic adenomas, and focal nodular hyperplasia. These tumors don't spread to other parts of the body. But they can still cause problems if they grow large enough.

Diagnostic Testing for Liver Cancer

People who have (or may have) liver cancer may undergo one or more tests to receive a diagnosis. They may need further testing to better define their type and stage of liver cancer after the initial diagnosis. These can include the following:

  • Ultrasound
  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Angiography
  • Bone scan
  • Laparoscopy
  • Lab tests

Treatments for Liver Cancer

Several types of treatments can be used for liver cancer. They depend on the stage of the cancer and other factors, which you can determine with your oncologist and care team. Through our partnership with Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the state’s only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, patients have access to the full spectrum of advanced treatment options for liver cancer including complex surgical techniques, clinical trials, precision medicine, immunotherapy, and innovative radiation therapy procedures.

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