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For more than 55 years, Community Medical Center has been Ocean County’s trusted acute-care hospital offering state-of-the-art health and wellness services, the latest in medical technology and a highly skilled staff dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients. Our facility is equipped to handle any of your health concerns - from wellness programs to pediatrics to highly advanced surgical procedures and emergency care. As the largest non-teaching hospital in New Jersey, Community Medical Center continues to invest in our commitment to patients throughout Ocean County and beyond.

Among our many services and amenities, we offer a robotic surgery program, the first in Ocean County, including two of the latest daVinci robotic surgery platforms as well as makoplasty for joint replacement procedures. Our dedication to providing the latest therapies and treatment options is also evident in our cancer center where we offer CyberKnife procedures and the most advanced linear accelerators for radiation therapy. From general fitness to intensive therapies, our patients can expect care that is at the forefront of medical science. Community Medical Center provides a broad spectrum of health and wellness programs designed to help people achieve healthy lifestyles and optimal health.

A Tradition of Excellence

Community Medical Center has been continually recognized for excellence. Our facility has received the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval for various programs, including our Stroke and Total Joint Replacement-Hip and Knee programs (among others). Our Cancer Center is also recognized by the Commission on Cancer of The American College of Surgeons as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our Breast Center is also the only accredited center by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) in Atlantic and Ocean Counties.

These accolades and others demonstrate our long-standing commitment to provide the highest quality and compassionate care to our community.

Specialty Services

  • State-Of-The-Art Weight Loss Procedures

    If you or a loved one is considering a weight loss procedure, we suggest you look into our weight loss surgery options.

  • Let’s Beat Cancer Together.

    Our multidisciplinary team of oncologists, nurses, and other healthcare specialists are here to offer you and your family the care and attention you deserve.

  • You. New and improved.

    Whether you are suffering from back pain, recovering from a surgery, or are looking to speak with an experienced orthopedic surgeon, our team is eager to assist you.

  • All for one baby. Yours.

    At Community Medical Center, our patient-centric approach to caring for our patients means that you and your baby will get the best care possible.

  • Visit Our State-Of-The-Art Facility

    Our state-of-the-art facilities include a Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit, as well as other advanced technology for precisely diagnosing and treating complex neurological conditions.

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    Dawn, Sarah, & Megan

    Deciding where to have a baby is a major decision for most expectant parents. But for employees of Community Medical Center (CMC), the choice is easy. “I see firsthand the quality of care that we provide daily,” says Sarah Stetsko, a 32-year-old executive assistant who lives in Toms River and is having her second child at CMC. “I know I will be in good hands.” Gerardo Lopez, MD , Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is proud that so many staff members choose CMC for their deliveries. But he isn’t surprised, given the many outstanding features of the maternity unit: ...
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    How Weight-Loss Surgery Transformed One Patient’s Lifestyle. Amanda Lukacs, 39, struggled with her weight since childhood. “Name a fad diet, and I tried it,” she says. Any pounds she shed always returned, so Amanda, of Point Pleasant Borough, lived with the trials of being overweight—from the challenge of finding clothes to fit her frame to feeling judged when she ventured out in public. Amanda also feared that her weight increased her risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and other health problems. As the years passed, the numbers on the scale began to climb. One day in 2017, when she hit ...
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    Thanks to a Robotic-Assisted Gynecologic Procedure, One Patient was able to Eliminate Bothersome Symptoms. For years, Noelle Carino, an education professional in Toms River, suffered from a variety of gynecologic problems: ovarian cysts and uterine polyps, to name a few. By the time she was in her late 30s, she was experiencing heavy periods for three weeks every month. As an active mom of young twin boys, the problem began to wreak havoc on her life. Her Community Medical Center gynecologist, Robert Pesso, MD , gave her a few treatment options: an endometrial ablation, which destroys the ...
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    Some pregnant women crave ice cream. Others crave pickles, potato chips or steak. For Kimberly Ryllun, it was Devil Dogs. Sometimes she’d even wake up in the middle of the night to munch on one of those cream-filled, chocolate snack cakes. A late-night pantry raid might not be a problem for most pregnant women, but Kimberly had gestational diabetes and needed to keep her blood sugar under tight control for the health of her baby and herself. Thankfully, she was able to turn to Karen Hodge, RD, a certified diabetes educator at the Center for Diabetes Education at Community Medical Center (CMC), ...
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    Thomas Dudek was enjoying retirement. When he wasn’t doing volunteer maintenance work at St. Barnabas Roman Catholic Church in his hometown of Bayville, he would ride his Harley-Davidson on the side roads along Barnegat Bay. “I have seven beautiful grandchildren,” says Thomas, 73. “They like to ride on back with me.” But retirement can have its challenges. His wife, Barbara, was home in severe pain and needed knee replacement surgery. Then in April, after Thomas underwent a routine physical, his blood test results showed an above-normal prostate-specific antigen (PSA) reading. His primary care ...
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    A Newly Available Wireless Pacemaker Gave One Patient A New Lease On Life. Florence, 76, has stayed active and healthy her entire life. In her youth she loved fishing, waterskiing and sailing, and she now enjoys gardening and visiting her friends. So imagine her surprise when she found out her heartbeat was slow and out of rhythm. “I was confused,” says Florence, a longtime New Jersey resident now living in Ocean County. But the cardiology team at Community Medical Center (CMC) had the answer: a new “ wireless” pacemaker that regulates the heart’s rhythm with better patient comfort and a lower ...
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    An 18-Year-Old’s Painful Hernia Is Repaired With Robotic-Assisted Surgery, Allowing Faster Recovery. If robotic surgery makes you imagine a scene from science fiction, where a machine operates on you with a complete lack of caring, think again. The truth is that robotic surgery is performed by a very human, highly skilled surgeon who is assisted by advanced technology that provides enhanced control, dexterity and precision. Sergey Grachev, MD , is one such surgeon, having undergone rigorous training to achieve his expertise and certification. Robotic surgery can be used for a variety of ...
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    A Local Resident Improves Type 2 Diabetes And Regains Vitality After Losing More Than 100 Pounds With Gastric Bypass Surgery. Marion has always been young at heart. Now, at 57 and 115 pounds lighter, her body matches her spirit. She says that bariatric surgery at Community Medical Center (CMC) changed her life. “I got on a bike for the first time in 35 years,” she says. “It was rejuvenating!” Weight has always been an issue for Marion, who began “packing it on” after significant life events, including childbirth and the death of her parents. The added weight contributed to physical problems: ...
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    A Warm Welcome And The Latest Technology In Radiation Oncology Ease The Fear Of a Returning Breast Cancer Patient. Nancy Scardillo breathed a sigh of relief when she completed radiation treatment in 2013. Her breast cancer experience over, Nancy returned to her busy life. The respite, however, was short-lived: A routine mammogram detected a mass in the other breast just four years later. “I was much more frightened the second time around,” admits Nancy, 65, of Toms River. “It was such a fear of the unknown.” She took comfort from her radiation team at the J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer ...
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    Frederick Yorke III is a beachcomber at heart. In his youth, he would spend summer days with his family on the beach at Seaside Park, learning such maritime pastimes as crabbing and boating. As an adult, the longtime Ocean County resident has spent many an afternoon fishing off the Jersey shore. But in recent years, progressive osteoarthritis has made it difficult for Fred to enjoy life at sea or on dry land. He started feeling pain in his knees and upper body while in his 60s, and the pain started intensifying five years ago. As the pain increased, so did the limits on Fred’s life. He had ...
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Patient Stories

  • "I see firsthand the quality of care that we provide daily, I know I will be in good hands."

  • "From head to toe, inside and out, I feel like a different person. And I like it."

  • "I Got My Life Back"

  • Kimberly is grateful for the support she received at CMC. “Each time I got pregnant, it was a team effort,” she says. “Dr. Fekry and Karen made sure my babies stayed healthy.”

  • “For me, the choice was simple,” says Thomas, who scheduled his first consultation with Dr. D’Ambrosio on August 6—which, coincidentally, was the day Barbara had her knee replacement surgery at Community Medical Center.

  • “I would absolutely recommend this pacemaker to anyone,” she says.

  • “I didn’t need pain medication,” Raymond says. “I was back to my normal schedule in a couple of days, and the incisions healed quickly. I didn’t know it was going to be so easy.”

  • “I was terrified, but he reassured and educated me. I trusted him completely.”

  • “I truly felt as though I was leaving my friends behind. They are a great group of people, and I am blessed to have had them in my life.”

  • “My wife and I finally decided that if I was going to have the quality of life that I wanted, then I needed to have knee surgery,”

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