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Living Donation Kidney Exchange Program

What is the Living Donation Kidney Exchange?

The Living Donation Kidney Exchange Program increases the ability of potential kidney transplant recipients to receive a kidney from a living donor. Many individuals come to our Transplant Division with willing kidney donors only to discover that they are incompatible by blood type or cross matching. The Living Donation Kidney Exchange Program involves the matching and exchange of kidneys between donor/recipient pairs that are compatible with each other.

How does the living donation kidney exchange program work?

In the first pair, Recipient 1 is not compatible with Donor 1, and in the second pair, Recipient 2 is not compatible with Donor 2. However, Donor 1 is compatible with Recipient 2 and Donor 2 is compatible with Recipient 1.

Living Donation Kidney Exchange Chart

Upon comprehensive evaluation by the Transplant Team, compatible willing donor/recipient pairs are matched for an exchange and the transplants are scheduled. The two kidney transplantations occur on the same day.

It is possible for the donors and recipients to meet after the transplants. This will be arranged by the Transplant Team if agreed upon by both donor and recipient pairs.

For further information on kidney or pancreas transplantation, please call the Saint Barnabas Medical Center at 1-888-409-4707 or Newark Beth Israel Medical Center at 1-877-878-7555.