Living Kidney Donation

Living Donation

If you need a kidney transplant, your best option is to find a living donor. Each year of dialysis takes a toll on your heart. We encourage you to find a living donor to help reduce this risk. Recipients of living donors have notably higher success rates, shorter hospital stays and require less immunosuppression.

Call our team for more information on starting the conversation with a potential donor. If you find a living donor match, you will bypass the wait for a deceased donor kidney.

If you have an incompatible donor, you and your donor may choose to be entered in the paired exchange program, which allows your donor to give to a compatible recipient and another living donor to give to you. Living donors should know that surgery is generally done laparoscopically and hospital stays average only three days.

Living Donor Kidney Exchange Program

Kidney donation waiting list Willing donors may be excluded from donating to friends or loved ones because of blood type or cross-match incompatibility. To make the gift of life possible for more people, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, the state's other transplant centers, and the New Jersey Sharing Network have formed a statewide living donor kidney exchange program. The program involves the match and exchange of kidneys between like pairs of compatible donors and recipients.

After thorough evaluation and approval by the transplant team, participating donor and recipient pairs are matched for the exchange and the surgeries take place simultaneously. Donors and recipients remain anonymous unless all parties agree to meet after the transplant surgeries have taken place.

For more details about what you need to know as a transplant candidate, download the comprehensive brochure, RWJUH Transplant Candidate Education Program.

Below are links to some educational resources from the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) about living donation.