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In Connie, Fran, and Ellena's family, Connie might be the youngest of the three, but she is definitely the one in charge. So, when she decided that her sisters should volunteer with her at Lots for Little Thrift Shop, they followed. And, we are so very grateful that they took her lead.thrift shop sisters

Nearly two decades later, The Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus Foundation applauds this generous trio and their philanthropic commitment to the hospital. The sisters have dedicated nearly 10,000 hours, during a combined 51 years of volunteer time, staffing the shop every Friday. They not only help loyal customers, but ultimately provide vital hospital funding.

As patients, local residents and volunteers, the sisters have seen firsthand the difference that philanthropy can make at their local hospital.

“Monmouth South is here for all of us when we need it most. When we go to the hospital and see the changes that have taken place over the years, it is incredible to know we are a part of that,” said Connie. “We have steady customers that look for us at Lots for Little and it feels good to be helping customers in the store. It also feels great knowing that we are helping the community. We are so proud of this shop!”

Thanks in part to volunteers like Connie, Fran and Ellena, Monmouth South added the following equipment and services recently to meet the needs of all patients:

  • Transportation Van to help patients get to scheduled appointments at the hospital
  • Bone density scanner for community health screenings
  • Portable blood pressure machine and carrying case
  • Bariatric stretcher to ensure all patients are comfortable
  • DICOM 6000 CD/DVD station for radiology scans

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For more information about volunteering at our thrift shops or donating items contact Maria Nelson at 732.886.4438 or

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