Learning Activities

While the vast majority of a resident’s daily routine is devoted towards direct patient care, various conferences and learning activities are also available for academic advancement. These learning endeavors are designed to complement medical education derived from patient encounters.

bedside teaching roundsBedside Teaching Rounds

Bedside teaching rounds are held 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) for all general medicine inpatient faculty teams. During these rounds, medical students and residents deliver focused presentations and updates on their patients. Under the guidance of experienced faculty, diagnostic and therapeutic plans are formulated stressing Evidence Based Medicine.

Morning Reports

Morning reports are held twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). The previous day/night teams present their admissions to the faculty and the chief medical resident. Active clinical discussions are encouraged in this valuable educational experience. Presenters in their role as students and teachers, are expected to present the current literature.

EKG Conferences

EKG conferences are held twice a month led by attending cardiologists. The basics of EKG interpretation and its clinical implications are discussed using the most interesting and relevant EKGs that were performed at MMC during the week.

EKG Conferences

Morbidity and Mortality Conferences

Morbidity and mortality conferences are held monthly. Residents present interesting cases highlighting diagnostic and therapeutic management. This forum provides an opportunity to clarify appropriate clinical decision making and encourage Best Practices. This is a multidisciplinary conference with viewpoints from nursing and pharmacy and radiology as well as other medical specialties.

Medical Grand Rounds

Medical Grand Rounds are held three times a month. These conferences highlight important updates and advances in the field of medicine. Renowned specialists at the forefront of these medical developments are specifically invited for this purpose.

Noon Conferences

Noon conferences are held 5 days a week. Various sub-specialists lectures essential internal medicine topics. These sessions expound on the core didactic curriculum.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held monthly. Residents critically appraise pertinent research articles from well-respected journals. Representatives of each resident class present, facilitate and evaluate the methodology as well as clinical application of the article.

Schwartz Center Rounds

Schwartz Center Rounds are held every month. A unique conference, Schwartz Center rounds allows healthcare providers a regularly scheduled time to honestly discuss social and emotional issues that arise in patient care. A multidisciplinary conference bring together physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, allied health professionals and chaplains to share perspectives and clinical experience. After the initial case discussion the audience members are invited to share insights and to raise broader related issues.

Tumor Board

Tumor Board, facilitated by Director of Cancer Services, is held monthly. Atypical presentations of various malignancies are presented. Radiologists explain pertinent imaging studies performed. Attending pathologists discuss the histopathology.

Medical Jeopardy

These conferences scheduled during preparations for the ACP medical Jeopardy. Residents participate in a fast-paced quiz competition highlighting important medical facts and clinical pearls. Exceptional skillful residents are invited to represent Monmouth Medical Center in the annual ACP-NJ chapter Challenge Bowl. This competition feeds to the National ACP Doctor’s Dilemma, which is held each spring of Annual ACP Internal Medicine Meeting.

medical jeopardy

Research Meetings

Research Meetings are held monthly. Updates on both ongoing and forthcoming research spearheaded by medical residents are reviewed. Multiple articles and poster presentations have resulted from the work initiated at these research meetings.

Psychosocial Lectures

Psychosocial lectures are held weekly concentrating on the issues of PGY-1 residents. An attending psychologist directs residents through a specifically designed curriculum to emphasize empathy and compassion in patient care. Psychosocial aspects of medicine are emphasized. In contrast to traditional medical conferences, the focus is on the human dimension of medicine.

Autopsy Conferences

We review all autopsies on medical patients with representative of the Dept. of Pathology. Clinical and radiologic correlation of autopsy findings is also included.

Ellen M. Cosgrove, MD Research Competition

This in house annual competition rewards excellence in scholarly activity. The research competition provides an opportunity for our resident and attending physicians to hone their research skills and gain new knowledge in a wide range of medical and surgical areas. These 14 awards emphasize that the staff and residents are dedicated to enhancing a collaborative research environment.

Medicine residents are always well-represented at the annual housestaff research competition. Winners have gone on to present their work at national and international arenas.