PGY-3 Rotations

PGY - 3 Rotations

Medical Consultation

Duration: 1 Block (4 weeks)

Description: Under the guidance of hospitalists, residents have the opportunity to provide effective medical opinions on the diagnosis or management of patients on surgical, obstetric, and psychiatric services. Residents are also expected to gain thorough knowledge in preoperative risk assessment and be able to provide differential diagnoses and management of postoperative problems.

Intensive Care Unit - Non-Call

Duration: 1 Block (4 weeks)

Description: In this rotation, residents gain experience in running a medical intensive care unit under the guidance of a critical care intensivist. They supervise 1 PGY-2 resident, 2 PGY-1 residents, and 1-2 medical students. They will also run various hospital codes (Code Stroke, Code STEMI, Code SMART for sepsis) and protocol-driven approaches to common intensive care unit admissions.

Intensive Care Unit - Day / Night

Duration: 1 Block (2 weeks ICU-Days/2 weeks ICU-Nights)

Description: Each rotation consists of 2 weeks of ICU day rotations and two weeks of ICU night float rotations. Residents gain experience in the emergent management of critically-ill patients while supervising 2 PGY-1 residents. Attending intensivists are available 24/7 to supervise the ICU learning experience.

General Medicine Faculty Service

Duration: 1 Block (4 weeks/block)

Description: General medicine in-patient rotations directly under the faculty of the Department of Medicine. With the guidance of a teaching internist, PGY-3 residents gain experience running a general medicine in-patient service and supervising 2 PGY-1 residents and 1-2 medical students.


Duration: 1 Block (4 weeks)

Description: Residents work one-on-one with a neurology physician in an in-patient setting. Residents on neurology service are also team leaders in stroke response teams and are responsible for assessing and administering intravenous thrombolytics in eligible patients. Residents are expected to gain experience in in-patient evaluation and management of common neurologic disease presentations.

Palliative Care

Duration: 0.5 Block (2 weeks)

Description: Residents work closely with the palliative care physician in an in-patient setting. Residents gain exposure to end-of-life conversations, goals of care discussions, advanced directives, and eligibility and management of patients in both in-patient and home-based hospice.