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Alumni Testimonials

"My residency at Monmouth Medical Center was three years of training, education, and building rapport with new friends and faculty that lasts a lifetime! Here I grew up from a medical school graduate only knowing basic science knowledge to an internist capable of managing complex diseases and sick patients. Here, I shaped my skills to talk to patients and their families and learned how to speak with a specialist to discuss a case. And here, I built confidence in myself and my skills in a friendly and a supportive environment which made me ready to start a new chapter of my life, and I will always be grateful to my faculty and mentors" – Dr. Mohamad Hamad, '22

"Matching with MMC has been the best thing that happened to my medical career. I was trained by some of the best doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and techs who not only taught me academic and clinical guidelines but, more importantly, demonstrated empathy and excellent patient care. I am very grateful for my time in MMC". – Dr. Maria Amanda dela Cruz, ‘20

"Initially chose MMC as I had a classmate who is already a resident there; it turned out to be a great educational experience. Since the earlier days of my internship, I have had the autonomy to discuss and even make changes to my senior plans regarding my patients. This led to the quick maturation of my clinical skills, that I even mistakenly thought I knew it all by the end of the internship. In My 2nd year, I started running RRTs to find that I still have so much more to learn! By the end of my residency, I got exposed to a wide range of medical issues so complex that they actually resemble what I do now in real life as a hospitalist. If I get back in time, I will definitely choose MMC for residency again. My only regret is that I haven't spent more time enjoying the beach close by." – Dr.Abdalrahman Almeligy, '22

"Monmouth Medical Center was my home away from home for the three years of my residency. Good patient care, warm and welcoming people, and excellent location would add to the great learning experience." – Dr. Sai Koyoda, '20

"The experience of always having supervised autonomy made me take clinical decisions and learn practically about patient care from day one of the internship. As I moved to the second year, I felt confident working independently under indirect supervision. Responding to emergency codes in senior years really prepares one to deal with any situation efficiently. In the third year, I had more time to explore the subspecialties of my interest due to the unique structure of the elective rotations. Due to medium program size, I always felt having a direct personal connection with each of the faculty members that makes them so easily reachable. Last but not least, I always miss the cool of Monmouth Beach." – Dr. Asif Muhammad, '21

"I miss Monmouth; the family and the home environment at Monmouth were exceptional, I still remember how amazingly we supported one another and how we all showed amazing teamwork skills during tough times, especially early on during the pandemic when we knew very little about COVID but we were very passionate to provide maximum help and support to our patients and their families during these uncertain times." – Dr. Ramy Osman, '20

"Being an IMG, away from home and alone in NJ USA was not merely hard but challenging too. Choosing MMC as my home for residency was the best decision. I loved my program, teaching model, and the attendings all together. Attending's approachability not only in terms of academic but also in terms of personal and social aspects was remarkable. The quality of training I received added more confidence and maturity in me as a physician. Going out in practical life has made me admire the training I received at MMC even more. People do ask - where I had been trained- which is an awesome feeling. MMC is my best choice for training, and I still miss those days for sure. And of course last but not the least - The beach! Just at a walking distance adds topping on the cake for geographical location." – Dr. Seemab Sheikh