Medical Students Group

Academic excellence is the central tenet of internal medicine residency training at Monmouth Medical Center. From the first training day, residents have academic goals that will allow them to learn and master ACGME milestones. Each resident's day is filled with multiple educational activities and bedside clinical rounds to help residents achieve proficiencies in all aspects of internal medicine.

Residents are expected to rise to the academic challenges of residency by diligently utilizing the wealth of opportunities at MMC. Residents are encouraged and assisted in the writing of articles and the creation of posters for conference presentations. Research endeavors are an integral part of the academic requirements of the residency program. By the end of the residency, each resident is expected to complete at least one research project and have developed the skills to pursue this aspect of medicine after graduation. Many residents have presented their projects at local, regional, state, national, and international academic meetings. Many have continued, after graduation, research initiated during their residency training years.