Virtual Therapy Trending During COVID-19

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One Source EAP Connections – December 2020

2020 Has Taken It’s Toll

Americans have experienced unprecedented stress this year, from COVID-19 to the 2020 election to racial justice and more. Now that the holidays are upon us, we can add unusual and socially distant celebrations to the list of things that cause us stress, anxiety, anger, depression and loneliness.

The good news is that virtual or online therapy can help you work through these natural emotional responses. The great news is this type of therapy removes many barriers to in-person office visits such as scheduling, transportation, childcare issues and accessibility for people with physical limitations.

The best news is that One Source EAP network providers have been providing virtual therapy as an option since March to help employees cope with emotional challenges!

How Virtual Therapy Works

Virtual or online therapy provides sessions with a licensed counselor via phone or videoconference. You receive the same personalized care and request your session, the same way you would for an in-person appointment, but you see your counselor from the safety and comfort of your home or office.

Should you find yourself overwhelmed during these stressful times, One Source EAP provides free convenient virtual sessions with one of our network providers. Call us at (800) 300-0628.

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Therapy

To get the most out of virtual therapy, an article by Verywell Mind, “Online Therapy for Depression,” suggests:

  • Designate a Space for Therapy Sessions
  • Do Your Homework
  • Prepare Yourself for Each Session
  • Treat the Session Just Like an Office Visit
  • Schedule a Time That Works Best for You
  • Go Easy on Yourself
  • Be Honest With Your Therapist
  • Opt for Audio and Video When Possible

One Source EAP Offers Additional Virtual Services

At One Source EAP, we recognize the importance of having virtual tools at your disposal 24 x 7. Visit our website for additional resources you can access, such as:

The Calm Collection videos, to help you feel better in just a few minutes

Seminar Catalog, which are all being delivered virtually

EAP Newsletter December 2020To take advantage of your EAP benefit, contact 800.300.0628, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Contact with the EAP is completely confidential!

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