Emergency Department at New Brunswick Campus

Welcome to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Emergency Department. Our mission is to meet the acute medical needs of our patients. Our first concern is your health. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital's Emergency Department is available to everyone, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art care to our patients in the most efficient manner. Our Emergency Department specializes in treating adults and children, and patients with serious heart problems. We treat patients with both major and minor illnesses.

Emergency Department Fees

No one is asked to pay before receiving emergency care. However, patients who come to Robert Wood Johnson Emergency Department for medical treatment will get two or more bills depending on the treatment received. One bill will be for the Emergency Department, including any tests you may have had when you were in the Emergency Department, such as blood tests or x-rays.

A second bill will also be sent to you to cover the care the doctor gave you, including what he/she might had done for you (for example, giving you stitches for a bad cut or a cast for a broken leg). If x-rays were taken, a third bill will be sent to you from the Radiologist who read your x-ray. We want everyone to know that we will always care for patients with emergency medical problems, even if they cannot pay.

Information about Charity Care is available at your request.

Four Step Care Process

Step 1

In order to properly care for our patients, we must use a "triage" system. Everyone coming to the Emergency Department is triaged by a nurse. The nurse wants to know as much about your problem as possible and will ask you many questions. The more you can tell the nurse the better we can take care of you. Upon completion of the triage process, you will be escorted to one of the three treatment areas of the Emergency Department: Non Urgent Care Center, Urgent Care Center or Emergent Care Center.

Step 2

Everyone seen in the Emergency Department must be registered. A Registration Clerk will come to your bedside to initiate the registration process. Proof of identification and insurance information will be requested.

Step 3

The doctor, physician assistant, and a nurse will provide a thorough examination and order and perform tests to help us treat your problem. The doctor will make a decision to admit or send you home after treatment in the Emergency Department. If a decision is made to admit you, we then need to wait for the correct bed to become available to treat your specific problem.

Step 4

There are other people working in the Emergency Department who can also help you. You may ask to speak to the Charge Nurse, Head Nurse, Social Worker, Critical Care Technician, or Patient Representative.

Visitors in the Emergency Department

We welcome you visiting family or loved ones. We know how helpful visitors can be for patients and for the people taking care of them. We try to permit visiting at all times of the day. We ask only one person be with the patient at a time in all three areas of the Emergency Department. You may switch visitors at any time.

Please feel free to use the Emergency Department lobby to wait, take a break, or speak to other concerned family members or friends of the patient. There are times in the Emergency Department when we may need to ask that all visitors temporarily go out to the waiting area. These times are usually related to crowded conditions and seriously ill patients. Be assured that when this happens you will be told when you may return just as soon as it is possible.

Discharge Instructions

All patients discharged from the Emergency Department at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital are sent home with verbal and written instructions regarding the final diagnosis given, the medications prescribed and the appropriate follow up required.

For any questions, positive comments or problems, please call (732) 828-3000.

  • Head Nurse: Ext. 2792
  • Administrator: Ext. 8790

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