RWJUH Transfer Center

1-800-22-RWJUH or (732) 418-8011

The Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Transfer Center is a fast, efficient, and comprehensive service offered to hospitals and physicians who wish to initiate a patient transfer to Robert wood Johnson University Hospital.

The Transfer Center provides one point contact to streamline the transfer and is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week with highly experienced critical care experienced nurses to ensure a smooth process. The transfer requires physician-to-physician consultation, which our Transfer Center registered nurse (RN) facilitates.

How the Transfer Center Program Works

When a transfer request is received, the Transfer Center:

  • Coordinates the transfer process with a single point of contact
  • Facilitates identification of a receiving specialist based on the patient’s clinical needs
  • Conferences physician-to-physician report for acceptance
  • Secures and assigns a bed appropriate to the level of care
  • Facilitates communication of patient status and provides updates to all involved clinicians
  • Reviews insurance, eligibility and authorization for transfer
  • Expedites emergent and non-emergent cases
  • Assists in ensuring compliance with laws regarding health care access
  • Facilitates out-of-country and out-of-state transfers for patients who are injured or ill while away from home

Accessing the RWJUH Transfer Center

To transfer a patient, simply place a call to the RWJUH Transfer Center at 1-800-22-RWJUH or (732) 418-8011

Provide the following information:

  • Patient’s name, diagnosis, DOB, and reason for transfer
  • Sending hospital’s name and location, patient location, and sending unit phone number
  • Sending physician name and contact number
  • Clinical status of the patient

The Transfer Center nurse will then:

  • Conference the sending facility physician with an accepting RWJ physician
  • Assist with all air and ground transportation arrangements
  • Contact the sending facility and request faxed copies of:
    • Patient’s face sheet, history and physical, medication list, and a recent progress note
    • EKGs, diagnostics, consults, and diagnostic studies related to reason for transport
  • Contact sending facility for a detailed report or coordinate RN-to-RN report for ICU and ED transfers
  • Facilitate report to the receiving RN in our facility
  • Implement a callback program to provide sending physicians with clinical progress updates.