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Most wired winner 2015Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, in partnership with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS), has identified an illustrative sample of the most frequently used codes related to common conditions that you may encounter. To access these samples, please select a specialty from the adjacent "Related Information" navigation menu.

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Provider Education

Please review the link located at the bottom far right of the page to receive more information on ICD-10 and a list of upcoming ICD-10 physician education sessions dates.

To receive more information on ICD-10 and to get information on future education dates, below is the ICD-10 site project manager information:


Brenda Lawrence (blawrenc@rwjms.rutgers.edu)
Toni Ortiz (sellerte@rwjms.rutgers.edu)

RWJ New Brunswick

Giovanni Morton (giovanni.goodrich-morton@rwjuh.edu)
Sudha Joseph (sudha.joseph@rwjuh.edu)

RWJ Somerset

Alyssa Kizun (Alyssa.Kizun@rwjuh.edu)
Keith Byrd (keith.byrd@rwjuh.edu)
Faisal Hussain (faisal.hussain@rwjuh.edu)

RWJ Hamilton

Physicians that are on staff at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton have access to HCPRO’s ICD 10 modules for Physicians. You do not have to complete the modules at one time, your progress is saved each time you open the module. Also once you complete the module, the modules move to the completed box but you still have access to review material until 2016.

Dolores Sarra (dsarra@rwjuhh.edu)
Susan Pellecchia (spellecc@rwjuhh.edu)
Sudha Joseph (sudha.joseph@rwjuh.edu)

RWJ Rahway

Mary Ann Devenzia (mdevenezia@rwjuhr.com)
Denine Izzi (dizzi@rwjuhr.com)
Deanna Sadowski (dsadwoski@rwjuhr.com)

Road to 10: The Small Physician Practice's Route to ICD-10

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) Road to 10 website is your one-stop source for all things ICD-10. ​