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Maternal Fetal Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

The Miracle of Life

Our patients are among those with the highest risk of pregnancy complications. Our goal is to help each woman achieve their best possible outcome. In order to succeed, we act as a focal point for many NBI services including genetics, NICU, pediatric and adult cardiology and hematology as well as other services.

Munir Ahmad Nazir, MD
  • Munir Nazir, MD, FACOG
    • Director, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine (2006-present)
    • Director, Antepartum Testing Unit 2003-present
    • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
    • Associate Professor, St. Georges

"My patients are carrying fetuses with complex fetal conditions such as cardiac anomalies, abdominal wall defects and syndromic disorders. It is my responsibility to oversee the work of the entire group."