Nursing Professional Practice Model

Professional Practice Model

Mission, Vision and Values


We will treat the patient as a whole being, promoting a healing environment for the physical and spiritual self with respect to human dignity.

Caring and Compassion

We will provide care with dignity, concern, kindness and respect to the diversity of the community.

Integrity and Accountability

We will act according to our moral values by practicing with honesty and professionalism to foster a relationship that will promote trust and healing.


We will provide direct, constructive and respectful communication with the patient, their family and the multidisciplinary team to establish a patient-centered plan of care that results in positive outcomes.

Professional Development

We will demonstrate professional development and personal growth by supporting the advancement of formal education and professional certification as well as the mentoring of nursing professionals.


We will continuously monitor the effectiveness of our practice and outcomes through review of evidence-based practices and research, implementing changes as needed to enhance patient care.

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Patient Stories

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