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Monmouth Medical Center

The Monmouth Medical Center Department of Pharmacy takes care of inpatients and outpatients in a decentralized practice model. MMC Pharmacy is committed to ensuring patient satisfaction and continuity of care. The outpatients cared for by the pharmacy are registered to radiology, laboratory, surgery, psychiatry, cardiology, outpatient infusion centers, and the emergency department. The hospital pharmacy takes care of a very large outpatient oncology/hematology population, servicing the Valerie Fund pediatric infusion center, the BBR4 outpatient adult infusion center, and the Vantage Point adult infusion center.

The Vantage Point infusion center is offsite, but part of the hospital, and has two dedicated pharmacists, a technician, a specialty pharmacist liaison, and a dedicated chemotherapy compounding area. The hospital pharmacy also works closely with the retail pharmacy, located in the lobby, to ensure continuity of care for patients transitioning out from the facility using the hospital’s meds-to-beds program. The hospital participates in the 340B drug pricing program, the benefits of which apply to our outpatients treated by the hospital pharmacy and contracted retail pharmacies.

The inpatient pharmacy is decentralized into two medical-surgery areas of the hospital with pharmacists operating to verify orders on the units, and attending rounds and counseling patients. The decentralized model is supported by computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE), automated dispensing cabinets (ADC) on the units, and bed-side barcode medication administration (BCMA). Technicians support the decentralized pharmacists by restocking the ADCs and delivering non-stocked medications to the units from the central pharmacy. In the central pharmacy, the technicians assist pharmacists by answering phones, filling labels, compounding and picking medications, and performing deliveries. Centralized clinical pharmacists answer phones, verify orders, and oversee technician activities and IV room compounding.

The pharmacy has 5 clinical specialists who provide additional support and serve as resources to the pharmacy, nurses, physicians and patients. There are two in-house clinical specialists, emergency department, and antimicrobial stewardship. The pharmacy also has 3 inpatient Rutgers faculty, including internal medicine, critical care, and psychiatry. Another novel practice at MMC is the placement of two pharmacy technicians in the emergency department dedicated to collecting accurate medication histories for the physicians to reconcile. All pharmacy staff are expected to promote the core values of the pharmacy and document their value and contribution.

The hospital services supported by the pharmacy department include pediatrics, neonatal, gynecology/maternity, critical care, psychiatry, general medicine, emergency medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, robotic surgery, geriatrics, and oncology. In addition to precepting over 40 pharmacy students per year, the pharmacy department also maintains a pharmacy residency program, which hosts two PGY1 residents.

Monmouth Medical Center Pharmacy Leadership