Test Your Children's Specialized Hospital Trivia

Take a few minutes to explore our unique history, some of the most interesting and little known facts about our hospital and the impact it has made on the children and families of New Jersey and beyond.

What was Children’s Specialized Hospital’s first name?

Children’s Country Home

When did Children’s admit our first sick child?


What is the physical symbol of our caring, protective work with children?

The zinc statue of two children under an umbrella.

What was our first Auxiliary called?

The young ladies of the Auxiliary.

What famous theatrical family used the original hospital building as its summer home?

The Barrymores

In the first quarter of the 20th century, how did our Senior Auxiliary raise funds?

They organized fairs, casino nights, bazaars, carnivals and plays.

Who was Children’s first president?

Mrs. Harry A. Kniffen.

When did Children’s Specialized Hospital start admitting patients all year round?


At the end of Great Depression, how much money was in Children’s Specialized coffers?


When was the first child with polio admitted to our hospital?


What revolutionary polio treatment did our hospital use?

The Kenny Pack Treatment.

Why did our name change to Children’s Specialized Hospital in 1962?

To better reflect the diverse care we were providing.

Where and when did Children’s Specialized open our first outpatient program?

Mountainside in 1970.

What innovative program did we start for our children in wheelchairs?

In 1978, Children’s launched wheelchair athletics.

What major fundraising event for Children’s debuted in 1987?

The first Umbrella Ball Fundraising Gala.

In 1984, what did we provide for children that New Jersey lacked?

We opened the state’s first pediatric long-term care unit, in Mountainside.

Where did we open our first expanded outpatient center?

In Fanwood.

What is Camp Chatterbox?

Children’s week-long overnight camp for children and teens who use technology to communicate.

When did we open the Spinal Dysfunction Clinic?


Where and when did the second Children’s Specialized Hospital facility open?

Toms River in 1992.

What does our innovative Day Hospital provide children?

They receive intensive rehabilitative services and can go home at night.

Which leading hospital system did we join in 1998?

The Robert Wood Johnson Health System and Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center.

In 2003, who assumed the role of president and CEO of Children’s?

Amy B. Mansue

Who succeeded Amy B. Mansue as the next president for Children's Specialized Hospital?

Warren E. Moore

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