Pine Belt car dealerships and the Subaru Share the Love program Share the Love with Karate students in Lakewood

Lakewood- Pine Belt Subaru and the Share the Love Campaign continue to make a positive impact on children in Ocean County in 2022, most recently at the Kensho Karate School. While working with the Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus (MMCSC) Foundation to determine causes within the community, the Pine Belt family of car dealerships has donated $6,000 from the Campaign, to the Kensho Karate School, or Dojo, which operates at an annex building of the MMCSC campus.

“Our school teaches students Goju Ryu, the traditional martial art, created by the real Mr. Miyagi,” explains Sensai Bob Goldschlag. “We incorporate self-defense, which improves fitness and develops focus, discipline and respect. This donation allows us to purchase uniforms and equipment that will allow us to enroll new students and grow the program.”

Karate School

The karate classes are free to students and encourages potentially at-risk children to get off the couch, disconnect from electronic devices and be active after school.

The Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus Foundation, partnering with Pine Belt and the Subaru Share the Love program, have helped local communities in areas of need, through organizations such as Safe Kids NJ, with car seat safety and education and the Kensho Karate School.

“As a Subaru dealer, we are proud to participate in the Share the Love program,” explains Rob Sickel, Dealer and Principal of the Pine Belt family of car dealerships. “It helps us to ‘give-back’ to the community we work in. To see the impact, first-hand, of how the dollars donated to the Kensho School are helping more children get healthier, building confidence, and just being happier, gives our team great satisfaction.”

Karate School

Pictured at the Kensho Karate School, located across the street from MMCSC in Lakewood, is Sensai, Robert Goldschlag, Denice Gaffney, Vice President, MMCSC Foundation; Alexis Meroney, Product Specialist and Share the Love Champion for Pine Belt; Jerry Payne, Instructor; Robert Sickel, Dealer, Principal, Pine Belt, Pine Belt Subaru in Lakewood and MMCSC Foundation Board Chairperson, and Instructors, Samuel Salguero, and Irving Perlman.

CONTACT: Laurie Zalepka