Accomplishments of Our Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Input from our patients and their loved ones through our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) members, directly or through the comments from surveys that are collectively reviewed, is so valuable.

We use this “Voice of the Patient” valuable information to make improvements that ultimately provide a better experience for our patients and their loved ones.

Quite a few of these accomplishments are listed here as per the hard work of the various PFACs throughout RWJBarnabas Health. For example, Council members within the system helped improve patient discharge times by participating in a process improvement event – cutting down the discharge time by 30 minutes.

Members also assisted in the development of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric brochures as well as aided in testing the central scheduling app to make sure it was conducive to patient use. We hear our patients’ voices, and we take action together.

Along with the aforementioned PFAC accomplishments, members provided recommendations on how to increase patient response rates on the surveys we disseminate. Council members provided feedback into our inpatient and outpatient guides and even assisted with facilitating the awareness back to our staff.

Here are some additional accomplishments:

  • Co-developed and updated PFAC websites
  • Participated in environment of care rounds
  • Revised Communication boards found in patient rooms
  • Provided insights into visitation hours
  • Developed and presented workshops for families
  • Visited patients and their loved ones in the waiting rooms and in their rooms
  • Developed an Employee Rounding Tool
  • Supported the Farmers’ Market and all healthy initiatives
  • Participated in RN orientation
  • Provided feedback on Patient Fall signage and sign placement
  • Co-designed an expectations YouTube video for ambulatory patients
  • Launched and distributed patient education information for Operating Room
  • Implemented “Welcome Bags,” including scent cloths made by a PFAC member and books so parents can read to NICU babies
  • Began monthly sibling program and music therapy in NICU
  • Developed and provided “Power of Language” module focused on communication with families to staff
  • Hosted monthly NICU family pizza nights to support parents
Additionally, PFAC members developed informational and safety videos for staff on “How our Patients and Families Partner with Staff in Safety Together,” which can be found here:

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