• Ultrasound is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to view internal organs to produce images of the human body. It is noninvasive, which means it does not penetrate the skin or body openings, and Diagnostic, which means it is used to determine what disease or condition is present. The technical term for ultrasound imaging is sonography.

  • One of the most common uses for ultrasound is to view the uterus and fetus during pregnancy. Ultrasound scanning is often performed about 16 to 18 weeks into the pregnancy.

Ultrasound is very safe and painless procedure so there is little risk.

What Can It Diagnose?

Ultrasound can be used to diagnose different causes for ailments such as the following:

  • Abdominal – Cause of stomach pain, looking for stones in Kidney or gallbladder, Pyloric stenosis, one cause for vomiting in babies or suspicion of appendicitis.

  • Kidney - Urinary tract infection, cause for blood in the urine, high blood pressure, back or abdominal pain, known or suspected kidney stones or family history of kidney disease

Some of the Exams We Offer

  • Abdominal
  • Pelvic
  • Obstetrical (OB/GYN)
  • Biopsy
  • Aorta
  • Lower Extremity Venous Doppler
  • Carotid
  • Thyroid Exams


These require limited preparation ranging depending on the type of exam. It can range from no preparation to limited fasting for several hours prior to the liver or gallbladder exam. For a scan in early pregnancy, the patient is asked to drink several glasses of water for a full bladder for a few hours prior to the exam.

How Long Will the US Exam Take?

Ultrasound exams are a relatively quick exam ranging from 10 to 45 minutes depending on the exam.

What to Expect During the Exam

The patient will be asked to lie down on a table. Clothing over the area to be scanned is removed, and a special warm oil or gel is applied to the skin. This is to achieve good contact as the transducer (probe) is passed back and forth. The patient can resume normal activity immediately after the test.

Getting Your Results

Your Ultrasound images will be analyzed by a radiologist, a physician who specializes in Ultrasound testing. The radiologist will send a signed report which includes an interpretation of the image to your primary physician. Your physician will receive your results soon after. At MMCSC we also offer our patients a free copy of their exam on CD to share with their physicians.

Our Team of Specialists

Our board certified Radiologists are specially trained to diagnose and interpret the images. The Ultrasound technologists are specially trained in the theory and practice of Sonography procedures, administer and operate the equipment used during the procedure. The technologists are board certified (ARDMS) and the MMCSC is fully accredited by the American College of Radiology.