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Pharmacy Directors Council

The RWJBarnabas Health Pharmacy Enterprise Directors Council is responsible for establishing system-wide pharmacy goals, overseeing and monitoring the performance of all medication management activities throughout the system and collaborating with the Clinical Pharmacy Council in carrying out these activities. The Council works to standardize processes, standardize policies, establish metrics to measure progress and expand the role of the pharmacist in the system so that they practice to the full extent of their licensure. The Council monitors the use of automation, standardizes equipment selections, monitors facilities so that they remain compliant with current regulations, and develops and approves system policies for the pharmacists in the system.


Chair: Corporate Assistant Vice President of Pharmacy Operations
Members: Corporate Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacy Officer, Vice President of RWJBarnabas Health Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy Services, Corporate Assistant Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy
Services, Corporate Assistant Vice President of Integrated Pharmacy Services, Assistant Vice President of Retail Pharmacy Network, Corporate Director of Pharmacy Operations, Corporate Director of Pharmacy Systems
Integration, and Directors of Pharmacy from the Acute Care and Integrated Services Lines


The Pharmacy Directors Council shall meet monthly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Chair, but not less than quarterly.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establishment of system-wide quality improvement activities, tracks progress by facility as well as aggregately towards completion, identifying any barriers, discussing and implementing solutions to overcome them
  • Monitors key performance indicators and workload statistics
  • Monitors medication errors and ADRs to implement standardized prevention methods
  • Coordinates care of patients beyond the acute care setting
  • Standardizes automation and equipment, reference materials, formulary process, medication use policies, tracking on activities, interventions and identification of ADRs
  • Standardizes processes and policies throughout the system
  • Increases compliance with Group Purchasing Organization (HPG) contracts to maximize value
  • Develops career opportunities for staff development and career ladders
  • Works to expand the practice of pharmacy and the role of the pharmacist within the system


Clinical Pharmacy Council


Informatics Collaborative
Oncology Collaborative
Medication Management Collaborative
Pharmacy Buyers Collaborative
Sterile Products Collaborative

Pharmacy Directors Council Membership