Brand New Building - Major Expansion Project

The future of health care is here.

New Building Expansion Project at Clara Maass Medical Center

Introducing a cutting-edge addition to the Clara Maass Medical Center.

It starts with a brand-new entrance and spacious lobby in a hospital that’s dynamic, modern and comprehensive, while also providing compassion, comfort and a place to heal. Our vision for the future of health continues with a patient-centered concierge designed to create a care journey focused on quality and convenience, a new, state-of-the-art ICU, featuring 32 private rooms, an Intensivist program offering advanced care for those who are critically ill, and an enhanced physician office space to increase ease of access for patients. We’ve also added an on-site pharmacy, and have plans to expand both adult and pediatric Emergency Services for optimal space.

All in all, Clara Maass Medical Center stands at the forefront of medicine. And just as importantly, it’s here for you, meeting the growing needs of our community.