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OB/GYN Residents

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the call schedule? We utilize a night float system thus eliminating the traditional call schedule. On the night float rotation, PGY 1-3 residents do 5 consecutive days of night float (Sunday-Thursday). The remaining residents only do weekend calls. PGY-1 residents take 14 hour Saturday and Saturday night call, whereas PGY 2-4 residents do 24 hour Friday/Saturday calls with Sunday 12 hour calls.

NBI OB/GYN Residents playing jengaWhat is the patient population? There is a diverse patient population at NBIMC. Residents are involved in all aspects of patient care while they are in-house. Residents develop continuity of care with their patients in their resident weekly continuity clinic at the Women’s Health Center.

How do the residents interact with the attendings? Residents receive one-on-one teaching from the attending. As the residents are involved with all in-house patients, they speak and work directly with all the attendings.

What is the clinic schedule and where is it located? The resident continuity clinic at the Women’s Health Center is located on the second floor of 166 Lyons Ave., Newark, NJ Clinic hours are: 9-5 Monday through Friday. We also have a colposcopy clinic.

Where do most residents live? Most residents live within 2 to 10 miles of the hospital.

When do you start to operate? As a PGY-1, basic cases such as D&C's, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures, endometrial ablations, minor urologic procedures, LEEP procedures, and other minor cases are done. PGY-1 residents are performing primary c-sections in the 2nd half of the year. PGY-1 residents also assist on major gynecology cases, including minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic cases.

NBI OB/GYN Residents