PGY3 Philosophy

Make certain you are meant to be a surgeon. Are you absolutely enthusiastic? Do you have the passion to continue the journey? Would you let someone with your skills perform minor surgery on you? Are you considering any subspecialty? Are there necessary applications for any subspecialty you are considering?


Are you accurate with most diagnoses, or is every final diagnosis a surprise? Can you manage most clinical problems? Are you self-motivated to supplement knowledge deficits, or must you be motivated by a sledgehammer? The third-year resident's time will be divided between MMC and NBIMC. PGY3 residents are given high-quality magnifying loops to enable precise vascular anastomoses, and a digital camera.


Do you retain new technical maneuvers that you see at surgery? Which technical details require a lot more practice? You will be given many opportunities to operate. Be ready. Read the chart and read about the surgical details before reaching the operating room.


Are you in the clinical research mode? Are you becoming a good teacher? Do you enjoy reading about surgery? Have you been writing quality clinical research papers?