Internal Medicine Residency Program at Community Medical Center

The future of Community Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency training program is committed to accomplishing excellence in patient care and education, with a focus on learning by doing. Residents will be continually challenged to tackle issues while being trained by highly-qualified physicians in a high quality, fast-paced environment. We will also provide residents the opportunity to complete rotations at other RWJBH hospitals in New Jersey and they will be able to utilize educational research and library resources through Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

internal medicine residency program

First Year Internal Medicine Residency (PGY-1)

  • Adult Inpatient Medicine – 26 Weeks
  • Medical ICU – 8 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine – 4 weeks
  • Ambulatory Medicine – 2 weeks
  • Geriatrics – 4 weeks
  • Cardiology Consults – 2 weeks
  • Quality Improvement – 2 weeks
  • Vacation – 4 weeks

Second Year Internal Medicine Residency (PGY-2)

  • Adult Inpatient Medicine – 16 weeks
  • Night Float – 4 weeks
  • Medical ICU – 4 weeks
  • Critical Care Unit CCU – 4 weeks
  • Neurology – 4 weeks
  • Pulmonology – 2 weeks
  • Quality improvement – 2 weeks
  • Nephrology – 4 weeks
  • Elective – 8 weeks
  • Vacation – 4 weeks

Third Year Internal Medicine Residency (PGY-3)

  • Adult Inpatient Medicine – 4 weeks
  • Night Float – 8 weeks
  • Medical ICU – 6 weeks
  • Gastroenterology – 4 weeks
  • Cardiology – 4 weeks
  • Hematology/Oncology – 4 weeks
  • Endocrinology – 4 weeks
  • Infectious Disease – 4 weeks
  • Rheumatology – 2 weeks
  • Quality Improvement – 2 weeks
  • Elective – 6 weeks
  • Vacation – 4 weeks

Evaluation of Residents:

On a rotational basis, faculty will assess the resident’s medical knowledge through direct observation and interaction. Faculty will utilize practice-based questions as well as evaluation tools, such as the mini-CEX form, to assess and provide feedback about the resident’s medical knowledge in real time.

  • Monthly tests will be conducted by the department and the results will be shared with residents’ clinical coach
  • NEJM Knowledge Plus adaptive learning platform will be utilized, with progress monitored closely by the Program Director and the clinical coach
  • Johns Hopkins ambulatory curriculum - 2 modules will be performed during each 2-week ambulatory continuity block
  • MKSAP Board Review Questions - pre and post-tests will be required for sub-specialty electives. The questions for these tests will be taken from the MKSAP and will reflect the learning goals of the rotation
  • End of rotation evaluation
  • ACP annual in-training exam will be required of residents at every level of training


Community Medical Center strongly believes that residents in Internal Medicine should participate in research so they may understand the research process and be able to apply evidence-based knowledge for effective clinical practice. Our training program will provide a formal structured curriculum to support resident research, which will contribute to the knowledge and understanding of research study design and methodology including epidemiology and biostatistics. Our training will introduce residents to hypothesis driven research. Residents will learn about literature searching, abstract preparation, critical appraisal, medical writing and basic bio- statistical techniques like research design, descriptive statistics, data gathering, graphical display of statistical data, choosing of sample size etc. By involving residents in research activity, we will enhance their skills in critical evaluation of published data and generating new ideas. The goal is for every resident to present their research at a national conference and to submit a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal prior to completing residency.

Conferences and Didactics:

Multiple conferences and scheduled didactic activities will be provided to enhance bedside learning:

  • Morning Report
  • Noon Conferences
  • Board Review
  • Team Based Learning
  • M&M Conferences
  • CPC Conference
  • Resident Report
  • Subspecialty Conferences (Inpatient and Ambulatory)
  • Annual Research Conference
  • Internal Medicine Grand Rounds
  • Journal Club
  • Annual EPA Based OSCE (PGY1s)

Key members of the Internal Medicine Faculty will present during these lectures, as well as outside invited guests.