Internal Medicine Residency

at Community Medical Center

Dr. Adam Kaplan

A Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Community Medical Center. We are committed to providing you the best possible clinical training, a comprehensive educational program, and excellent research opportunities.

At the Rutgers Health/Community Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program, you will receive superior clinical training that prepares you for the next phase of your career. The unique patient population at Community Medical Center will allow you to see a wide variety of conditions, some of which are usually seen in a tertiary University hospital. The faculty consists of some of the finest clinicians in New Jersey. They are dedicated to educating learners with a special emphasis on the practice of evidence-based medicine and using diagnostic reasoning, with patient-centered approach. Well-balanced training through didactics and personalized mentoring will give residents a strong platform for the practice of medicine and their professional growth.

We strive to work toward a supportive and stimulating learning environment that values diversity, inclusiveness, and teaches physicians to work in interprofessional teams. We obtain direct feedback on a regular basis as the art of medicine is a moving target where every aspect of patient care is continuously evolving.

On this rewarding educational journey, residents will develop long-lasting relationships, and hopefully, become a part of this wonderful community. We are firmly committed to meeting residents’ professional and personal goals, and look forward to welcoming learners to CMC. Thank you for your interest in Community Medical Center.


Adam Kaplan, MD, FACP

medical education


Rutgers Health

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