Apr 7, 2023 April 2023: Humor-Good for Your Health and Work

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Humor in the Workplace

Humor in the workplace seems like a funny way of improving business performance. However, humor can go a long way to help employees bring their authentic selves to work, build relationships, and more creatively solve problems. The bottom line: humor helps build better business results.

The goal of office humor isn’t to get a laugh; it’s to make everyone in the room feel less stressed and more at ease. Shared moments of lightness can strengthen relationships and balance the seriousness of work. Beginning a team meeting with a story about something funny that happened the previous day can relax the team and prepare them for the work ahead.

A workplace that embraces laughter is also likely one that encourages the kind of creativity, authenticity and
psychological safety that allows people to perform their best. Empathy, inclusivity and authenticity are important in the workplace. Humor is a secret weapon that can bond people and teams together.

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10 Benefits of Humor at Work

Humor at work has some important short and long-term effects. A study published in The Journal of Managerial
Psychology found positive humor in the workplace resulted in:

  1. A lighter mood
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Faster interpersonal bonding
  4. A greater sense of belonging at work
  5. Better perceived leader performance
  6. Overall workplace cohesion
  7. Improved mental health
  8. Closer relationships
  9. Reduced inhibitions
  10. Positively resolved disagreements

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