Jul 1, 2022 July 2022: Lighten Up

Three women laughing in the mud

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It turns out that dozens of scientific studies have proven that laughter is excellent for both our mental and physical health.

A good hearty laugh reduces stress hormones, boosts your immune system, decreases pain, regulates blood pressure, prevents heart disease and increases oxygen to improve brain function, including memory.

Laughter also strengthens relationships. When we laugh with friends, the bonds between us get stronger.

What great reasons to watch your favorite stand-up comedian, like Sebastian Maniscalco, or spend time with little ones and join in with what makes them laugh.  Psychology Today reports the average four-year-old laughs up to 300 times a day, but the average 40-year-old, just FOUR times!

Studies show that even a fake smile or laugh releases endorphins. So fake it until you make it!

If a daily dose of humor doesn’t seem to help with difficult emotions, call One Source EAP at 1 (800) 300-0628.

Calls are answered 24/7/365 and are completely confidential.

Bring More Laughter Into Your Life

To help find humor in stressful days, put ten minutes on your calendar for laughter and use a few of the tools below to force yourself to have some fun. After a while, you won’t have to try so hard.

· Look for the humor in personal difficulties or mistakes.

· Host a game or comedy movie night.

· Get a pet, or watch silly pet videos like Sadie the Sable Shepherd.

· Make it a habit to spend time with friends who make you laugh.

· Smile.

Let One Source EAP Help You Learn to Lighten Up!

Laughter at work helps to foster stronger and happier teams and make the workplace more fun. One Source EAP can help your team find ways to lighten up with seminars such as “Learn to Lighten Up” and “What’s So Funny?” Click here to schedule a seminar for your team.  Learn about the wide range of seminar topics on our seminar page on our website.

Laughter also takes center stage in some of our Calm Collections videos, including “Mr. Fancy Pants.”
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