Aug 31, 2022 September 2022: Suicide Prevention Awareness Teaches Hope

Sliver of Hope

We tend to think of September as a month to begin learning. In this context, it seems fitting that September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month when we areencouraged to learn about what we can all do to prevent suicide in those around us. Among the actions people can take to help prevent suicide, is learning that prevention works and resilience and recovery are possible through effective programs and services, such as One Source EAP.

Take a few minutes to learn about the warning signs of suicide, risk factors, and types of support you can provide if someone you know or love begins to display the potential for suicidal behavior. It could help you make all the difference in someone’s life.

In Crisis: If you or someone you know is in immediate crisis, the National Suicide Hotline can now be reached by dialing 988 to access a network of over 200 locally operated and funded crisis centers around the country. The transition to 988 is an important step to strengthening and transforming crisis care in the US.

Don’t wait for a crisis! Free and confidential help is always available, to help you sort through the difficulties in life before they become crises. Call One Source EAP at 800-300-0628.

Calls are answered 24/7/365 and are completely confidential.

Take 5 to Save Lives

We’re all busy, however, everyone can take five minutes this month to review the five steps, developed by the National Council for Suicide Prevention (NCSP,) to help save a life that might otherwise be lost to suicide.

  1. Learn the signs
  2. Know how to find help
  3. Practice self-care
  4. Reach out
  5. Spread the word

Learn more about each step. Remember. One Source EAP is a valuable, free and confidential resource to help with self-care and for help during times of overwhelming stress.

Protective Factors

Protective factors are those elements in an individual’s life that reduce the risk of suicide. Effective coping skills top the list, as do close relationships with family and friends, close ties to the community, and being connected with cultural identity. One Source EAP can help your team develop those all-important coping skills with seminars, such as “Stress Management,” “Self-Care” and “Resiliency”, to name a few. Learn about the wide range of Seminar topics on the seminar page on our website, then schedule a seminar for your team.

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