Jan 28, 2021 2021: A Reason for Hope

2021 GoalsOne Source EAP Connections – January 2021

The new year normally gives us a sense of a fresh start, which is certainly needed now. Everywhere we turn in the news, social media and in our neighborhoods, the key word for 2021 is “hope.”

Hope is different than a wish or a dream for one reason – hope involves a solid commitment to working toward future outcomes. It takes action on our part and a plan of how to accomplish change.

So seeing 2021 as a reason for hope is really a call to action for all of us. Like there is now a plan to address COVID-19, we are all invited to create a plan for the positive outcomes in our individual lives.

To develop your plan, try creating a brief worksheet to guide your actions and beliefs.

Here’s an outline to get you started:

  1. List one goal you hope to achieve in 2021
  2. Outline what small actions you can take that will get you closer to your goal
  3. Write down 3 things to remind you of your abilities, such as, “I am creative and strong.”

This worksheet comes from Kate Snowise (2016) and is de-rived from Snyder’s Hope Theory.

Support is also a critical factor in the development of hope. Should you have difficulties finding hope, One Source EAP provides six free convenient virtual sessions with one of our network providers.

Call us at (800) 300-0628.

Hope for High Achievers

We all know a High Achiever when we see one: they appear to have it all together, they’re successful, driven and always deliver. However, the flip side of our high achiever friend is that they worry they’re not good enough, that they’ll be found out and dread the possibility of failure.

If this sounds familiar, there is hope for you. The Calm Collection episode, “Say Hello to High Achievers” will help you better care for yourself after making a mistake.

Resolution for 2021: Take Advantage of One Source EAP Virtual Services

At One Source EAP, we recognize the importance of having virtual tools at your disposal 24 x 7. Visit our website for additional resources you can access, such as:
The Calm Collection videos, to help you feel better in just a few minutes
Seminar Catalog, which are all being delivered virtually to groups of three or more.

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