Fight Back Against Traumatic Stress

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Trauma is All Around Us

2020 has been filled with the kind of trauma most of us have never faced. We’re experiencing events ranging from loss of life, to job losses, to demonstrations and racial tensions to natural disasters. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to not be personally affected, the 24-hour news cycle can make you feel like you have.

Trauma causes a range of emotions including shock, confusion, fear, grief, numbness and a general sense of being overwhelmed. The resulting anxiety and stress can cause both physical and emotional difficulties such as a general sense of feeling drained, changes in sleep patterns and appetite, a quick temper or just feeling overcome with sadness.

The good news is these are all normal reactions and you can fight back! See below for tips on how to deal with traumatic stress and anxiety.

Remember, you are never alone! Should you need confidential assistance, please reach out to One Source EAP at (800) 300-0628. We are here for you 24 x 7 x 365.

Six Tips to Dealing with Traumatic Stress

The article “How to Cope with Traumatic Events Like Coronavirus,” published by identified six techniques to help you deal with the stress we’re all feeling:

  1. Minimize media exposure
  2. Accept your feelings
  3. Challenge your sense of helplessness
  4. Get moving
  5. Reach out to others
  6. Make stress reduction a priority

One Source EAP can also help. Reach out to us at (800) 300-0628.

New One Source EAP COVID-19 Seminars Help You Address the Stress of the Pandemic

One Source EAP has just added COVID-19-Related Seminars for your teams. To schedule a seminar, contact your HR partner who will work with One Source EAP to schedule it.

  • Anxiety in Children & Young Adults During COVID-19
  • Managing the Challenges of COVID-19
  • Healing Relationships During COVID-19
  • Staying Positive During COVID-19
  • New Rules – Coping with the Changes of COVID-19
  • Grieving in the Time of COVID-19
  • Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19
  • When Life Returns to “Normal”
  • Finding the Eye of the Storm – A Three Part Relaxation Series

Remember, The Calm Collection videos are designed to help you feel better in just a few minutes with stress relief techniques and a laugh or two.

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