Aug 24, 2020 Why Settle for Resilient? Become AntiFragile!

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Learn, Develop and Improve Through Chaos

There is a lot of discussion these days suggesting we need to be resilient. But what is resilient? It’s the ability to survive the storm, to keep yourself safe until the winds are calm and the storm has passed.

AntiFragile, on the other hand, is to take in the power of the storm to grow and thrive.

During the stay at home order, many people focused on enduring until it was over—being resilient. However, drawing strength from the positives that you may have experienced, like having more family dinners, game nights or just more time to reflect—that is an antifragile mindset!

Watch the One Source EAP Calm Collection video by Owen Fitzpatrick, explaining how you can turn adversity into growth using an antifragile mindset.

Remember, you are never alone! Should you feel challenged emotionally by these trying times, please reach out to One Source EAP at (800) 300-0628. We are here for you 24 x 7 x 365.

Becoming AntiFragile

In an interview with Psychology Today, Dr. Paige Williams describes the six guiding principles to becoming antifragile:

  • Recruit your brain
  • Operate in reality
  • Break the negative and build the positive
  • Use intelligent risk
  • Seek collective wisdom
  • Tackle the infinite game

For the details, read the full interview, "Can You Become AntiFragile?"

One Source EAP Helps You Become AntiFragile

One Source EAP has a number of resources that can help you develop an antifragile mindset, including:

  • The Calm Collection, videos on topics such as AntiFragile Mindset, breathing and mindfulness.
  • Live virtual seminars on Self Esteem, Living an Empowered Life, Radiating Possibility and much more! To schedule a seminar, contact your HR partner who will contact One Source EAP to schedule it.
  • Video therapy sessions to help you feel safe while addressing your emotional needs.

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