Aug 19, 2019 Small Steps Toward Increased Energy

Lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, food and exercise can all affect your energy. Medications and medical conditions can also impact energy levels.

Do you want to feel better, improve your overall quality of life and feel more energetic? Try these tips today:

  1. Get a little more shut eye. Each person is different in the amount of sleep they require. Most adults need around seven hours.
  2. Manage your stress levels. Positively managing stress and having a positive outlook helps fight depression. Take time for yourself and do things you enjoy.
  3. Eat a balanced plate. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and meals that are smaller and nutrient-rich that keep blood sugar levels balanced. This helps you feel more alert and energetic.
  4. Increase physical activity. In the long run, exercise increases energy levels. Start small and increase from there.