About Elizabeth Trainor, MPH

Administrative Director, Social Impact and Community Investment

ElizabethWhat is your personal WHY? How does your work in the Social Impact and Community Investment Practice at RWJBH motivate you to obtain your WHY?
To create opportunities so all people can be able to share their magic with the world and capitalize on their greatness to live the life they have imagined.

Always having a passion around medicine and health, I realized as my education progressed that what truly excited me was upstream solutions that have the power to effect change among populations, not just a patient. The Social Impact and Community Investment practice provides me with a platform to work on initiatives that evoke long-lasting systemic change, right generational wrongs, and improve the lives of all communities. The work motivates me because it gives me the chance to use my privilege to help level the playing field and create fairness in an unjust world.
I cannot go a day without…
Talking to my family
Talking in general
Quoting movies
As a child, I dreamed I would grow up to be…
A teacher, pediatrician, veterinarian, a talk show host, or a cashier at Marshalls (yes, the last one is true).
If I could give a 10 second speech to the entire United States, my message would be…
Now more than ever, we need not to raise our voices but elevate our arguments - finding value in listening and respecting different viewpoints and remember that we need not to think alike to love alike.
The factual or fictional character from a book, movie, or television show who I most identify with is and why?
Jane the Virgin – She’s hard working and family oriented in a way that honors tradition but still a modern feminist with big goals.

Hermione Granger – A loyal friend, always ready for adventure, who loves to learn and can be a little bit of a know it all, with frizzy hair.