Older Driver Safety Program

at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset


The Older Driver Safety Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset is designed to help participants drive safer longer. The program addresses the needs of older drivers by providing a comprehensive evaluation to determine how to help you or a loved one remain independent – and safe – behind the wheel.

When to Seek Help

An evaluation is recommended when drivers experience:

  • Anxiety when driving
  • Difficulty staying in the lane of travel
  • More frequent “close calls” behind the wheel
  • More frequent dents and scrapes
  • Trouble judging gaps in traffic
  • Reluctance by friends or relatives to want to drive with them
  • Getting lost more often
  • Difficulty seeing the sides of the road when looking straight ahead
  • Difficulty adhering to signals, road signs and pavement markings
  • Slower response times to unexpected situations
  • Difficulty moving feet from the gas pedal to the brake pedal or confusion between the two pedals
  • Difficulty concentrating while driving
  • Difficulty turning around to check over their shoulders while backing up or changing lanes
  • Difficulty maintaining the appropriate speed

What to Expect

An older driver safety assessment is completed by an occupational therapist. You will be mailed a detailed questionnaire to help the therapist understand your medical and social situation. You will be asked to have a significant other with you for the duration of the screening. The screening is completed with the assistance of a computer program which was developed to predict driving behavior without actually being out on the road. It assesses performance in a variety of areas including visual abilities, cognitive (memory) skills as well as physical abilities related to driving. The results of the screening are available immediately upon completion.

Results of the Assessment

Once the screening is completed the results will be shared with you and your significant other. The results also will be forwarded to your primary care physician. If areas are identified for improvement, this will be shared with your primary care physician, who can provide further testing and referrals as needed. If it is recommended that a participant retire from driving, the therapist can provide information about community resources, such as county-based transportation.

Insurance Coverage

At this time, the driver screening is not covered by insurance. If additional services, such as therapies or physician specialists, are needed, these services may be covered by insurance. Fees may vary depending on the service. Please call your insurance carrier to verify coverage.

How to Make an Appointment

A physician prescription for a safe driving screening is required. Please call 908-685-2945 for additional information or to schedule an appointment.