About Palliative Medicine

We hope these questions and answers will help you understand how you or someone you love may benefit from our Palliative Medicine program.

Palliative Medicine

Who Can Get Palliative Care?

You may want to consider a Palliative Medicine consultation if you or a loved one:

  • Is suffering from pain or other symptoms due to any serious illness
  • Is experiencing physical or emotional pain that is not under control
  • Needs help understanding his/her disease and is coordinating medical care

Palliative Medicine supports all forms of medical treatment for serious illness, regardless of disease stage. Our Palliative Medicine program helps to manage symptoms related to treatment, such as chemotherapy, or for symptoms that linger or appear after the rest of your treatment is complete.

When Can I Receive Palliative Care?

It’s never too early to start palliative care. Our Palliative Medicine program is designed to be integrated as part of a patient’s care plan at any time.

What’s The Difference Between Palliative Care And Hospice Care?

Palliative care is for people of any age or stage of illness, whether it’s curable, chronic, or life-threatening. In contrast, hospice care focuses on supporting a person who is terminally ill during their final months of life.