Our Treatment and Prevention Programs

Family Treatment Center - HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

  • Safe in the City is a single-session, video-based intervention that contains key prevention messages aimed at increasing knowledge and perception of HIV/STD risk, promoting positive attitudes toward condom use, and building self-efficacy and skills to facilitate partner treatment, safer sex, and the acquisition, negotiation, and use of condoms.
  • ARTAS is an individual-level, multi-session, time-limited intervention with the goal of linking recently diagnosed persons with HIV to medical care soon after receiving their positive test result.
  • Sister to Sister - Take Control of Your Health (TCYH) is a one-on-one, woman-to-woman, brief intervention where a provider offers her patient the knowledge and skills they need to reduce their risk of HIV. The intervention seeks to empower women of color to take control of their health by choosing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and/or using condoms consistently to prevent HIV.
  • Stay Connected - Stay Connected for Your Health is a simple intervention that improves retention in HIV medical care. This intervention combines strategies from two research studies that demonstrated improvement in retention in HIV care. Stay Connected for Your Health is delivered to patients who are newly diagnosed with HIV, re-engaging in care, or at risk of falling out of care.
  • PrEP/PEP- PrEP is a medication that users take daily to lower their chances of getting HIV. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends PrEP as an HIV prevention strategy. Taking PrEP medication as prescribed reduces the risk of getting HIV via sexual contact by about 99% and reduces the risk of getting HIV by at least 74% among persons who inject drugs.
  • Kiss & Tell – Kiss & Tell is an FTC developed initiative that involves the facilitation of an educational group discussion for focus populations highlighting key topics such as Partner Communication Styles, HIV Risk Reduction, HIV 101, Condom demonstration, negation and distribution and Prevention via PrEP/PEP. The ultimate purpose is to offer empowerment via knowledge, improve access to vital health care resources in our community and to increase the number of participants who know their HIV status.