Vivien O'Neill

Chinese Medical Program Patient Navigator

Vivien O'Neil, Coordinator and Patient Navigator Vivien O’Neil is a coordinator with the Chinese Medical Program. Born in China, she speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English. Vivien received her bachelor’s degree in Chinese linguistics and literature and soon became a certified Chinese teacher. She spent several years working in the newspaper industry and later with a pharmaceutical materials export company.

In 2010, Vivien moved to the US and settled in NJ. There she worked for four years in the adult medical day care field as an interpreter. She helped many Chinese elderlies during that time to become fully engaged in health care services. But foremost, she accompanied the Chinese elderlies to see doctors almost every day to ensure each one of them received proper care, and understood each outcome.

In August 2016, Vivien joined the Chinese Medical Program in Monmouth Medical Center. Once again, Vivien used her linguistic abilities as an interpreter for the Chinese community. It is a very personal job, face to face with patients who seek professional medical care but, more often than not, are limited in their understanding of English and medical terminology. Vivien is the intermediary, providing the assurances that her patients are in good hands. She often says she loves her job...and loves her patients.

Vivien is an effective team player on a team of well trained professionals, all with the best intentions of serving the needs of New Jersey Chinese community. She is grateful to be part of this elite group.