Our Board and Staff

  • Board of Trustees


  • Claire Knopf - Chair * **
  • Dennis Kelly - Campaign Chair * **
  • Bonnie Klein - Vice Chair * **
  • Mario Monello - Secretary * **
  • Jay Grunin, Vice Chair * **
  • Gary Chropuvka - Treasurer *

Board of Trustees

  • Andrea Aikins
  • Christina Alfonso-Ercan
  • Carolyn DeForte Wasserfall, DMD
  • Meghan Del Priore
  • Carolyn DeSena
  • Warren Diamond
  • Waheed Eraky, MD
  • Dayna Gold
  • Barrie Knee
  • Noël Mihalow
  • Kerrin O'Brien
  • Patrick P. Scire
  • Anil Sharma, MD
  • William Thygeson
  • Vincent Tizzio
  • Daniel W. Whalen
  • Maurice Zekaria

Ex-Officio Board Members

  • Bill Arnold, President Southern Region
  • Eric Carney, President and CEO
  • Caitlin Olson, Regional Vice President of Development * **
  • Douglas Livornese, MD, President, Medical Staff

Advisory Board Members

  • Virginia S. Bauer
  • Michael J. Del Priore **
  • Anthony J. Diaco
  • Samuel Fromkin
  • Terry Ingram
  • Bruce M. Meyer
  • Michael O’Neill
  • Robert Patton **
  • Joseph J. Romanowski
  • Karen M. Siciliano
  • Carol Stillwell
  • Ann Unterberg **

Honorary Trustees

  • Alan E. Davis, Esq.
  • Lewis M. Eisenberg
  • Shelley D. Schultz
  • Alexis Tucci, Esq.

*Executive Committee
**Nominating Committee

Our Staff

Main Telephone Number: (732) 923-6886

Caitlin Olson
Regional Vice President of Development for MMC and MMCSC
phone: 732-923-7521
e-mail: Caitlin.Olson@rwjbh.org

Eileen Dupey
Development Manager
phone: 732-923-6885
e-mail: Eileen.Dupey@rwjbh.org

Robin Embrey
Principal Gift Officer
phone: 732-923-6888
e-mail: Robin.Embrey@rwjbh.org

Rachel Ingber
Regional Gift Officer for MMC and MMCSC
phone: 732-923-7526
e-mail: Rachel.Ingber@rwjbh.org

Karen Gyimesi
Campaign Director
phone: 732-923-6873
email: Karen.Gyimesi@rwjbh.org

Evelyn Nitis
Regional Director of Special Events for MMC and MMCSC
phone: 732-923-7525
e-mail: Evelyn.Nitis@rwjbh.org

Beth Parks
Regional Office Manager & Board Liaison for MMC and MMCSC
phone: 732-923-6883
e-mail: Elizabeth.Parks@rwjbh.org

Lauren Simons
Director of Development
phone: 732-923-6908
e-mail: Lauren.Simons@rwjbh.org

Cheryl Solon
Assistant Vice President of Development
e-mail: Cheryl.Solon@rwjbh.org

Cara Zimmermann
Development Associate
phone: 732-923-6887
e-mail: Cara.Zimmermann@rwjbh.org

Linda DeSimone
Administrative Coordinator
phone: 732-923-6886
e-mail: Linda.DeSimone2@rwjbh.org

Patient Stories

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  • When Central Regional High School basketball coach Mike Clemente was diagnosed with a type of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, he turned to Monmouth Medical Center for his life-saving treatment.

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  • "The entire experience was amazing... Before Gamma Knife, I could not hold a glass and I needed to use two hands to sign my own name"

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Patient Stories

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