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Our Board and Staff

  • Board of Trustees


  • Robert Butters - Chair
  • Terry Ingram and Robert Patton - Vice Chairs
  • Bonnie Klein - Treasurer
  • Tara F. Kelly - Vice President of Development, Ex-officio member


  • Victor Almeida, DO, FACEP
  • Bill Arnold, Ex-officio member
  • Virginia S. Bauer*
  • Ana Blank
  • Robert Boyle
  • Scott Carmilani
  • John B. Checton, MD*
  • Gary Chropuvka
  • Carolyn DeForte Wasserfall, DMD
  • Michael J. Del Priore*
  • Carolyn DeSena
  • Anthony J. Diaco*
  • Warren Diamond
  • Douglas H. Forsyth
  • Samuel Fromkin*
  • Gregory A. Greco, MD, FACS
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Claire M. Knopf
  • Marshall Knopf
  • Jeffrey Lederman, D.O., Ex-officio member
  • Bruce M. Meyer*
  • Mario A. Monello*
  • Gloria Nilson*
  • Ty J. Olson, MD, FACS
  • Michael O’Neill
  • Luanne M. Peterpaul, Esq.
  • Carl Reiss
  • Ron Riccio Ex-officio member
  • Joseph J. Romanowski*
  • Richard B. Ruchman, MD*
  • Patrick P. Scire*
  • Dr. Anil Sharma
  • Karen Siciliano*
  • Robert H. Sickles
  • Carol Stillwell
  • Dan Whalen
  • Ann Unterberg *

Honorary Trustees

  • John C. Archibald
  • Alan Davis, Esq.
  • Lewis M. Eisenberg
  • Julian Hoffman
  • Shelley D. Schultz
  • Don J. Summa, CPA
  • Alexis Tucci, Esq.

*Advisory Board Member

Our Staff

Main Telephone Number: (732) 923-6886

Tara F. Kelly

Vice President
phone: 732-923-6887

Maja Meighan

Assistant VP of Development

Kelly Boyer

Events Manager
phone: 732-923-6885

Robin Embrey

Director of Donor Relations
phone: 732-923-6888

Kathryn Liguori

Development Coordinator
phone: 732-923-6884

Evelyn Nitis

Director of Special Events
phone: 732-923-7525

Ashley Plakas

Development Manager
phone: 732-923-6919

Betsy Santorello
Senior Administrative Assistant
phone: 732-923-6883

Message from the Foundation Vice President


To be in the presence of Judi Dawkins one quickly understood the definition of ambassador, philanthropist and leader. I had the honor of working alongside Judi in many of her leadership roles as a trustee on our operational and foundation boards since 2011, and it remains my honor to work alongside her family and her legacy.

Through the 20 years Judi was involved with MMC, we witnessed her determination and perseverance to achieve great results, for our patients, their families and the latest and greatest clinical technology accessible to our clinical teams. The Judith W. Dawkins Women’s Health Program will continue to grow into a comprehensive roster of the industry-leading preventive, diagnostic and treatment services for women of all ages, something which Judi was extremely passionate about.

As we come to a close on another successful fundraising year here at Monmouth we are proud to share some of our accomplishments and greatest patient stories in the pages ahead. 2017 holds particular meaning for us as we were yet again able to increase our attendance across the board with our signature events, bring and educate invaluable resources into our communities, while navigating our donors through their philanthropic goals and guiding their investment towards the most amazing clinical technology.

As we look forward to 2018, we continue to build a framework to monitor our fund-raising progress and outcomes. We will call on each of our trustees and donors to help us set our course and begin the fund-raising planning process for the future of Monmouth Medical Center. Our strategic priorities continue to be our focus and at the forefront of each conversation and gift.

We invite you to read about all of the successes you helped us to achieve in 2017. As always, we are grateful to you and your unwavering support that allowed us to provide all of our patients and their families who walk through our doors immediate access to the best health care, close to home.

Tara F. Kelly
Vice President of Development
Monmouth Medical Center Foundation

Message from the Foundation Board Chair

Robert Butters

Dear Friends,

Health care costs are growing faster than any other part of the economy! Government payment, especially Medicaid, frequently do not pay enough for hospitals to cover the costs, and with rising health care premiums, employers are shifting insurance cost and choices to employees who are looking for lower cost options. This is causing downward pressure on hospital revenue and profit nationwide; as such, most institutions are turning to philanthropy as a way to support the heath care of their communities.

As Trustees, it’s our job to support our hospital. We are committed to a positive outcome. The future will include educating the local community around daily choices to keep themselves and their families healthy. In addition, the Foundation will continue to support important purchases of state-of-the-art medical equipment necessary to attract and retain some of the best doctors in the State. The philanthropic generosity of the community has played a large role in delivering State-recognized levels of medical excellence right here in Monmouth County. We know for certain that our fund-raising efforts will help the hospital succeed.

Your support allows Monmouth Medical Center to offer the best health care possible, and as the Foundation Board works alongside the hospital team, we ensure:

  • Innovation and leading-edge technology are available to our dedicated health care team.
  • Wellness and community programs continue and expand in our community.
  • Strategic growth of the hospital that aligns with community needs is made possible in a timely fashion.

I encourage you to acknowledge the wonderful work of Monmouth Medical Center and our staff. You can do so by either writing a simple note of gratitude and/or by making a donation to a department or program of your choice.

Your support and personal comments make a difference in the quality of health care for our patients. We thank you for choosing Monmouth Medical Center Foundation as a recipient of your philanthropy.

Robert Butters
Chair of the Board
Monmouth Medical Center Foundation


Milestones Spring 2017
Spring 2017 (PDF 8MB)

Patient Stories

  • When Central Regional High School basketball coach Mike Clemente was diagnosed with a type of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, he turned to Monmouth Medical Center for his life-saving treatment.

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  • "The entire experience was amazing... Before Gamma Knife, I could not hold a glass and I needed to use two hands to sign my own name"

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  • “To say I am grateful for the care I received from Dr. Sharon and the team at Monmouth Medical Center is an understatement,” Pat said. “When I look back, I realize I have been blessed to meet some of the best people during my journey.

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Patient Stories

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