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Members Listing

The Women's Council for the Leon Hess Cancer Center

Board Listing


  • Kellie Enstrom, Chair
  • Sarah Bradley, Vice-Chair

Board Members

  • Jessica Angstreich
  • Kelly Boyer
  • Avery Brighton
  • Carolynn Diakon
  • Caryn Elkwood
  • Lisa Goodwyn
  • Pari Harrison
  • Terri Klein
  • Claire Knopf
  • DeeAnn Memon
  • Debbie Menkowitz
  • Carol Ann Mireider
  • Judi Morris
  • Stacy O’Neil
  • Cathy Romano
  • Jennifer Rosen
  • Liz Thees
  • Molly Vates
  • Sarah Vates
  • Lauren Vernon

Advisory Board

  • Debi Cantor
  • Donna Crosson
  • Judi Dawkins
  • Judy Eisenberg
  • Beliza Ann Furman
  • Barbara Gitlin
  • Diane Gooch
  • Leslie Hitchner
  • Shirley Hwang
  • Ellen Jakobson
  • Michele Karagianakis
  • Susan Doctorian Kryillos
  • Bonnie Levin*
  • Mary Ann Martin
  • Gloria Nilson
  • Fran Rediker
  • Jordana Schneider
  • David Sharon, MD
  • Leah Soltas
  • Ann Unterberg

* Founder

Patient Stories

  • When Central Regional High School basketball coach Mike Clemente was diagnosed with a type of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, he turned to Monmouth Medical Center for his life-saving treatment.

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  • "The entire experience was amazing... Before Gamma Knife, I could not hold a glass and I needed to use two hands to sign my own name"

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  • “To say I am grateful for the care I received from Dr. Sharon and the team at Monmouth Medical Center is an understatement,” Pat said. “When I look back, I realize I have been blessed to meet some of the best people during my journey.

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Patient Stories

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