Community Outreach

One comment we hear every day from families is that they wish they had used Barnabas Health Hospice services earlier. Help us educate our communities about available options when facing a life-limiting illness and empower them in their decision making.

  • 51% of our patients on the RWJBarnabas Health Hospice program die in 7 days or less.
  • 40% of our patients are on the program for 30-90 days.
  • Only a staggering 9% of RWJ Barnabas Health Hospice patients utilize Hospice services between 3-6 months before death, even though Medicare and most private insurers cover Hospice services when a patient is diagnosed with a terminal disease or has a life expectancy of 6 months or less.

Long Length of Stay

More Time on Hospice Means More Support

  • Help the patient and family reach their goals and prepare them for the end of life
  • More time for symptom management
  • Helps alleviate the burden, anxiety, and stress often experienced by the caregiver
  • Better coordination of care
  • No need to make trips to the doctor’s office.
  • Most supplies and medical equipment are covered.
  • Limited or reduced hospital visits Improved quality of life

Short Length of Stay

Short Length of Stay Often Means

  • Limited capacity to make a difference in the preparation for end of life
  • Most time and resources are allocated to crisis intervention
  • Decreased capability to focus on Quality of Life
  • Unable to benefit from the many services and program we offer
  • Families often feel ill prepared to honor the loved ones wish to die at home