Psychiatric Collaborative

The RWJBarnabas Health Pharmacy Enterprise Psychiatric Pharmacy Collaborative is responsible for ensuring the continuum of care for psychiatric patients throughout our network. The collaborative consists of neuropsychiatric pharmacy specialists who take pride in enhancing medication management including the standardization of order sets and formulary considerations as means to promote medication safety and quality patient care. In addition to medication management, the collaborative takes special interest in promoting resident education and networking opportunities within our network.


Chair: Corporate Assistant Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services Clinical Coordinator, Barnabas Behavioral Health
Members: Clinical Neuropsychiatric Pharmacy Specialist, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Psychiatric Clinical Pharmacist

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The Psychiatric Pharmacy Collaborative shall meet quarterly or as otherwise deemed necessary by the chair.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serve as subject matter experts in psychiatric pharmacotherapy by providing recommendations to a variety of pharmacy and multidisciplinary committees at both the system and local levels.
  • Standardize psychiatric pharmacotherapy across the enterprise.
  • Assist in order set creation and review based on best evidence for our electronic health record.
  • Review and make recommendations for policies and procedures relating to mental health across the enterprise.
  • Provides recommendations to the Clinical Pharmacy Council regarding new therapies in mental health.
  • Develop and execute research and quality improvement projects in psychiatry.
  • Develop and standardize strategies related to psychiatric medications and regulatory requirements.
  • Promote and share educational opportunities for pharmacy residents across the enterprise.