Let's Shape the Future of Nursing Together


We are RWJBarnabas Health nurses, 11,000 strong and the soul of the largest and finest healthcare delivery system in New Jersey. Each day we are inspired to bring health and healing to patients, families and communities throughout the Garden State.

Thank you to the nurses of RWJBarnabas Health.

A Message from the Chief Nursing Officer

Dear Colleagues,

​At RWJBarnabas Health, our diverse team of nurses have proven to be leaders in bringing health and healing to our communities and our region. As our nation has faced the most difficult of times, our nurses have performed with enormous skill and strength. Each day we make a positive impact on the lives of so many while striving for innovation in nursing practice that is transforming healthcare for the residents of New Jersey.

​At RWJBarnabas Health we work with the best of the best and foster clinical excellence, professional growth and a collaborative environment. As you explore nursing opportunities, we want you to know there is no better place to be a nurse.

We are RWJBarnabas Health nurses – shaping the future of nursing together.

Nancy Holecek Senior Vice President for Patient Care Services

Nancy Holecek, MAS, MHA, BSN, RN
Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
RWJBarnabas Health

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Our Mission

Our mission is to staff our hospitals with nurses who possess the knowledge and high-level skills that are needed to ensure that our patients will be cared for in the best possible environment. We deliver this care with compassion and kindness, understanding the true unique needs of each individual placed in our care.

  • We protect our patients' rights and preserve their dignity.
  • We comfort our patients and families in times of need and sorrow.
  • We constantly challenge ourselves, expand our competency and seek out new information through education and research.
  • We advocate for our patients in every situation, on every level and treat every patient and family member as if we are caring for our own.

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Nursing Specialties at RWJBarnabas Health

Nurses at RWJBarnabas Health work in all hospital departments and share an interest in developing specialty skills and growing professionally. Our nurses are trained in both basic and advanced care procedures for their specialty, ensuring cohesion between nurses, patients, physicians and staff.

RWJBarnabas Health nurses practice in many clinical areas, including:

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Nurses at RWJBarnabas Health are Resilient

Our diverse team of nurses have traveled on different career paths but share a common goal: providing extraordinary clinical care in every specialty. We have earned this distinction in settings such as urban and suburban teaching hospitals, community hospital settings, ambulatory care centers, a specialized hospital for children, and a behavioral health network.

With the breadth, depth and scope of our combined resources, technological strengths and focus on patient-centered care, we are at the forefront, leading transformative change as we continue to provide the highest level of care for the populations we serve.

Our nurses are stronger together. Join us!

Nurses at RWJBarnabas Health are Caring and Compassionate

two nurses smilingAs nurses, we have dedicated our lives to helping others. With a supportive environment backed by our medical team, RWJBarnabas Health facilities are consistently rated among the highest in the nation for patient satisfaction.

Each day we focus on giving our best to patients to make and keep them well. It starts with valuing each individual, striving for excellence at the bedside and working toward the best clinical outcomes.

Our team of nurses are genuine, empathetic and take pride in the nursing profession. We work together to care for people and really make an impact on their lives. As nurses we are engaged with our patients and their families, and they rely on our confidence and personal treatment.

Our nurses are caring together. Join us!

Nurses at RWJBarnabas Health are Innovative Leaders

Our model of shared governance promotes nursing empowerment, innovation and shared decision-making, fostering accountability and proficiency in patient care. All of the RWJBarnabas Health hospitals are on a Magnet journey, demonstrating our strong commitment to nursing education and development through every career stage.

We are proud that many of our hospitals have already achieved this gold standard of Magnet recognition.

In addition, we are focused on several programs that foster professional growth for nurses:

  • Professional Development for Nurses
    We invest in our nurses to develop and maintain their continued competence and enhance their professional practice. Nursing professional development is a lifelong process that builds on the educational and experiential foundation of nursing. The Institute for Nursing Excellence provides the professional nurse with guidance and a centralized resource of learning opportunities to assist in their development, enhancement of professional practice, and achievement of career goals.
  • Nursing Research
    Our nurses have the opportunity to collaborate on nursing research and contribute to the growing knowledge base of methods and strategies to improve the care and treatment of patients. Our nurses are published in national nursing journals and share the depth of their experience through system-wide nursing conferences, meetings, and educational seminars.
  • Developing New Nurse Leaders
    We are always looking to build nursing competency and identify emerging leaders to carry the principles and advances of nursing into the future. Our practice of promoting nurses from within is evident in our challenging and supportive work environments that foster professional growth and satisfaction. Nurses are encouraged and mentored to promote evidence-based practices and advance their careers.

We are leading the nursing profession together. Join us!

We are RWJBarnabas Health Nurses … Shaping the Future of Nursing Together

Our innovative models of nursing care have been recognized within the nursing profession and serve as an example for other healthcare systems.

Our success in recruiting and retaining the finest nurses is enhanced by our commitment to providing the most technologically advanced facilities for direct patient care, patient and family education, and streamlined administrative responsibilities.

A rewarding nursing career starts here, at RWJBarnabas Health! Building on our history of nursing excellence and the vast array of services and specialties available, we are proud to commit to creating a positive work environment that retains nurses by encouraging them to grow, learn and succeed, while focusing on what is always at the forefront – patient care.

Join the largest and finest healthcare delivery system in New Jersey.

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