NBI EM Residency GroupThe EM curriculum is heavy in ED and critical care exposure. Throughout ED months, shifts are split between the main and pediatric EDs. During the first year, our residents have an introductory “bootcamp” orientation consisting of simulation and procedure labs as well as orientation shifts in our main ED. First year residents rotate for 6 months in the ED. First year off-service rotations feature MICU, Trauma, Anesthesia, Radiology & Ultrasound, Ob-Gyn, and Pediatrics.

Second year residents rotate for 7 months in the ED. Highlights include off-service rotations in the NBI CCU and PICU, EMS, as well as toxicology at the New Jersey Poison Control Center at NJMS in Newark.

Third year residents rotate in the ED for 9 months. The third year curriculum boasts an off-service rotation at the Cooperman Barnabas Neuro ICU in Livingston, New Jersey where the ED residents and oversee the unit. Third year residents also have one month of selectives separated into two, 2 week rotations.

The Newark Beth Israel EM Residency is one of the oldest and most established residencies in the state of New Jersey. The curriculum is scrutinized annually and it undergoes minor alterations based solely on resident feedback and resident recommendations. Below are the curriculums from last year.

EM-1 EM-2 EM-3
Block 1 Beth Beth Beth
Block 2 Beth Beth Beth
Block 3 Beth Beth Beth
Block 4 Beth Beth Beth
Block 5 Beth Beth Beth
Block 6 Beth/JCMC Beth Beth
Block 7 Beth/Vacation Beth/Vacation Beth
Block 8 Ob-Gyn/Vacation Beth/Vacation Beth
Block 9 Anesthesia & Dental CCU Beth/Selective
Block 10 MICU PICU Beth/Vacation
Block 11 Peds EMS Selective/Vacation
Block 12 Rad-US/Urgent Care Tox Admin
Block 13 Trauma Trauma Neuro ICU

NBI EM Residents Group