NBI Emergency Medicine Residents


The EM residents of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center have a competitive salary that is on-par with other residencies within the state of New Jersey.

PGY-1: $68,271
PGY-2: $70,988
PGY-3: $74,982
PGY-3s receive a $500 board review stipend their final year, which can be used to purchase a board-review book / course, or attend a board-review conference.

NBI EM Residents Group


Our residents receive four weeks of vacation, divided into two, two-week blocks. Residents additionally receive a meal card with a yearly meal stipend.

Each resident additionally receives a yearly travel stipend to attend national conferences and conventions. In recent years, our residents have used this stipend to present abstracts and cases at ACEP and AAEM.

As an emergency medicine resident employed by RWJBH, you’ll be given professional liability insurance as well as health insurance with an opportunity to acquire life and disability insurance should you chose do so. Details are available through the Human Resources Department and the Employee Benefit packet.


When in the ED, first year residents do 20 shifts, second year residents do 19 shifts, and third year residents do 18 shifts. The length of these shifts vary, as residents do a combination of 8 and 9 hour shifts during the weekdays, and 12 hour shifts on the weekends.