Newark Beth Israel Medical Residency

Our Goals

To educate residents to use the context of our community, our medical system, and our hospital to prevent disease, care for the sick, and further the education of all who they encounter.

Newark Beth Israel Medical Residency Aims:

  • To provide resident education in a meaningful, open, and supportive environment where the residents’ concerns and suggestions are always heard.
  • To improve the cultural humility and understanding of residents by nurturing bidirectional education between residents and the patients that they serve.
  • Develop our academic medical practice through resident driven PI to provide the high quality patient care and medical education in the context of our local community.
  • Rotation structures that provide a high quality and an educationally sound environment for our residents to provide safe care for our complex subspecialty patients.
  • Ensure the delivery of safe, clinically appropriate care in an environment focused on improving patient safety through a proactive approach.