Pharmacy Residency Program


Graduates of the program will develop and strengthen the following:

  • Leadership and practice management
  • Time management and project coordination
  • Evidence-based, patient-centered medication management with interdisciplinary teams
  • Provide education to health care professionals and the public
  • Perform pharmacy practice research
    • The resident will be involved in all stages of research. They will present their findings at ASHP’s Midyear meeting at the Eastern States Residency conference
  • Ability to precept and teach pharmacy students

To prepare pharmacist clinicians for patient care related positions as an essential member of an interdisciplinary team, or adjunct/clinical track faculty, or to pursue PGY2 training in a focused area of practice.

Required Rotations


  • Learn the roles of different personnel, contribute to committee work, and explore practice management

Critical Care

  • Round with ICU team in our “closed system” model

Emergency Medicine

  • Round in Emergency department and attend Codes

Internal Medicine

  • Round with Medical team on general medical floors

Infectious Diseases

  • Round with ID physicians and NPs as the consult service

Pharmacy Informatics

  • Learn the different medication use systems including BCMA, Pyxis ES, EHR (EPIC) and CPOE

Pharmacy Practice (Transitions of Care)

  • Round with RNs, Case Management, Social work to ensure continuity of care
  • Verify orders, answer drug information questions, and counsel patients on specific units

Psychiatry (Inpatient and Outpatient)

  • Round with Psychiatrists, therapists, Social workers
  • Run Medication groups for patients
  • Provide drug information to patients and staff


Customizable based on resident interest and preceptor availability.

  • Examples: Pain Management, Palliative Care, Pediatric Psychiatry, Centralized Pharmacy operations
  • Repeating a required rotation with more in-depth practice/training


Ambulatory Care

  • Alternating attendance in outpatient HIV and Psych clinics


  • Expand on required Administration rotation
  • Explore and contribute to strategy development, execution and monitoring/follow-up of outcomes

Pharmacy Practice (Staffing)

  • Perform daily operations in pharmacy including Order Verification, IV Room compounding, and supply management

Drug Information

  • Completion of various assignments folded into rotations including hospital staff in services, education in the form of SBARs, case and journal club presentations, and monograph creation

Medication Safety

  • Learn skills of report monitoring, leadership skills, communication to fellow health care professionals, and education to prevent medication errors
  • HRO process


  • Completion of MUE to be presented at ASHP Midyear and NJSHP
  • Completion of prospective project to be presented at ESRC